Early Life

Guru Arjan Dev was born on 15th April, 1563 at Goindwal. The name of his mother was Bibi Bhaani and Guru Ram Dass, the fourth Guru was his father.

Guru Amar Dass was his maternal grandfather, as his mother Bibi Bhaani was the younger daughter of the Guru. At the time of his birth, Guru Amar Dass was enlightening the Sikhs as their spiritual Master.

When Guru Amar Dass came to know of the birth of his third maternal grandson, He reached the residence of his son-in-law to see him.

Having first glimpse of the child the Guru said, 'He will become a great man.'

Guru Amar Dass was extremely fond of this grandson.

One day when he was playing, his ball slipped under the cot of Guru Amar Dass.

At that time the Guru was sleeping on the cot. When Guru Arjan Dev entered under the cot in order to take the ball, his shoulders touched the cot and the cot was shaken so forcefully that Guru Amar Dass woke up.

Feeling the disturbance of the cot the Guru said:

'Who is this man of great lot?

Who has disturbed my heavy cot?'

When the Guru was saying these words, his daughter Bibi Bhaani entered his room.

On seeing Guru Arjan Dev under the cot of the Guru she said, 'He is your grandson, your lovely grandson.'

When the Guru heard these words of Bibi Bhaani, He said,

'Dohta Bani da Bohtha'.

Then He took the child Guru Arjan Dev into his lap and embraced him with great love and said, 'My dear child! You should come here daily, I will teach you Punjabi, holy hymns and music.'

He also advised Bibi Bhaani to bring the child daily without any break.

At that time Guru Arjan Dev was four years old. He was very intelligent and he took keen interest in learning Punjabi, holy hymns and music. Within few years he became well-versed in these subjects. Guru Arjan had a sweet voice. He used to sing the hymns according to the specified Raags.

When the Guru perceived that he had become perfect in spiritual education then he appointed Baba Mohri, the maternal uncle of Guru Arjan Dev as his tutor to teach him mathematics.

Baba Mohri was a great master of Arithmetic. So he soon made Guru Arjan Dev perfect in this branch of education. Pandit Beni a great scholar of Sanskrit was asked to teach Sanskrit to the child Guru.

In those days due to Muslim rule the learning of Persian was compulsory. The Persian was official language of the government.

So Guru Amar Dass appointed one Persian teacher to make his grandson well-versed in all categories of knowledge and education.

Guru Arjan Dev completed his education at the age of ten.

Though he learnt Arithmetic, Persian and other fields of education very carefully, he had a great attraction of holy hymns. He learnt the popular hymns of the Guru's by heart.

He used to sing the hymns in the morning and evening. His sweet voice mesmerized the listeners.

Guru Ram Dass always enjoyed his recitation of the Gurbani. He was feeling very proud of his son.

Guru Amar Dass also became the fan of his grandson. He used to call Guru Arjan to hear some hymns from his sweet voice.

Professional singers of the Darbar were astonished to hear such a perfect singing of the Gurbani from a child of ten years.

(Guru) Arjan was also fond of horse riding and tent-pegging. When they were going to forests, he used to learn the tricks of horse riding.

Mother Bhaani taught him how to live according to the Will of God and Guru Ram Dass instilled in him true service of mankind.

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