Prithi Chand

When Prithi Chand and his wife came to know that Mata Ganga was pregnant, they lost their peace of mind. They were always quarrelling with each other.

Guru Arjan Dev thought to remain away from his jealous brother. He shifted to village Wadali four miles away from Amritsar. The inhabitants of the village were devoted Sikhs of the Guru.

The headman of the village vacated a big Haveli. Guru Arjan Dev and Mata Ganga began to live there.

Soon that Haveli itself was converted into the Darbar House, as the devotees were thronging there to see there to see their beloved Guru.

According to the blessing of Baba Budha (Guru) Hargobind was born on June 9, 1595 at village Wadali.

In the memory of this happy occasion Guru Arjan Dev dug a huge well with the voluntary help of the Sikhs.

It was so large that it could accommodate six Persian wheels. Due to this well of six Persian wheels that place later on came to be known as Chheharta.

The Sikhs rejoiced at the birth of (Guru) Hargobind, but Prithi Chand and his wife lost the balance of their mind. For them only way to get the Guruship was to kill the new born child.

So they planned to kill the child one way or the other.

After sometime he sent a snake charmer. He demonstrated his show in two or three houses and then entered the house of the Guru.

Family members and other Sikhs residing there came out to see his show. The child Hargobind was also enjoying the show with great interest.

When the snake charmer found that child was taking great interest he sent one snake towards the child. Child Hargobind caught the snake from the head and rubbed it on the floor with such a force that snake died at the spot. All were astonished to see this brave act of the child.

The Sikhs interrogated the snake charmer and he confessed that Prithi Chand had sent him to kill the child.

Again Prithi Chand bribed a domestic servant of the Guru and asked him to poison the milk of the child.

After poisoning the milk the servant offered the milk to the child Hargobind. But the child refused to take the milk.

But when, child Hargobind took the bowl of the milk and threw it away, a dog lapped up the milk and died at the spot.

When the servant was questioned, he confessed that Prithi Chand had bribed him to kill the child.

Such nefarious acts of Prithi Chand distressed Guru Arjan Dev.

When Prithi Chand failed to kill the child by such means, he planned to kill (Guru) Hargobind with help of his friend.

Nand Ram was a fast friend of Child Hargobind.

One day he wore a shirt with two pockets. He put in the left pocket poison mixed sweet and in the right pocket put normal sweet.

His parents asked him to give the sweet of the left pocket to (Guru) Hargobind.

But when Nand Ram and child Hargobind went to play outside, Nand Ram forgot about the identity of the placings of the pieces. He took that piece which contained poison himself and the second he handed over to child Hargobind. Nand Ram died there and then.

At last they invaded the house of Prithi Chand and forced him to leave Amritsar.

The Sikhs of the town met Guru and requested him to return to the city. Guru Arjan Dev accepted their request and shifted to his own house known as ‘Guru-ke-Mehal'.

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