Sulhi Khan And Sulbi Khan

After invading from Amritsar by Sikhs, Prithi Chand shifted to village He-ar where his in-laws were living.

At village He-ar, Prithi Chand constructed his own Harimandir and declared himself the real fifth Guru.

But no Sikh attended his Darbar. He wrote letters to Masands to deposit the colleted money with him at village Hear. But Masands had also realized that real Guru was at Amritsar. So his sources of income diluted.

At last he planned to oust Guru Arjan Dev from Amritsar with the help of rulers. He was often going to Lahore to meet the Mughal officers. He was offering them precious gifts and presents. Many officers became his intimate friends.

Once Prithi Chand got the information that his friend, an officer, Sulhi Khan was paying a visit to his village He-ar.

Prithi Chand was pleased to hear such a news. He at once made preparation to receive him. He met him and repeated his request.

He said, 'You know very well that I am eldest son of Guru Ram Dass, it is my right to sit on the throne of Guru. But Guru Arjan Dev has snatched it from me by force. His men have even driven me out of Amritsar. Please help me.'

Sulhi Khan heard him with patience and said, 'These days I am very busy I cannot help you personally. But I will direct my cousin Sulbi Khan to go to Amritsar for your help.'

Prithi Chand was very pleased to hear this. As he was a great opportunist he did not want to lose the right occasion.

He at once said, 'Sir! Give me a letter in the name of Sulbi Khan, I will meet him personally.'

Sulhi Khan gave him a letter in the name of Sulbi Khan.

Prithi Chand took the letter and drove to meet Sulbi Khan. He met Sulbi Khan and handed over him the letter of Sulhi Khan.

Getting the letter of his uncle, Sulbi Khan felt very happy. He agreed to go with Prithi Chand, Sulbi Khan's main aim was to loot the city of Amritsar. So he rushed towards Amritsar.

But when he reached near Beas he quarreled with one of his colleagues named Hasan Ali.

They unsheathed their swords and began to fight. Hasan Ali was a brave man. He cut the neck of Sulbi Khan with one blow of his sword.

When Prithi Chand found that Sulbi Khan had been murdered, he ran in fear that he might not kill him also.

All his plans which he had formulated, failed.

After some time he again met Sulhi Khan and offered a large sum of money. Sulhi Khan agreed to invade Amritsar.

Sulhi Khan was a revenue officer of the Mughal court. He said, 'I will get permission from the Subedar of Lahore that I have to raid Amritsar to collect the tax dues.'

When the Sikhs heard about this plan of Prithi Chand they requested Guru Arjan Dev that King Akbar should be informed about this.

But the Guru did not approve it, he said, 'We should trust God.'

According to commitment Sulhi Khan reached He-ar with his squad. Prithi Chand served them various delicacies.

Prithi Chand took Sulhi Khan with him in order to show him his new type of brick-kilns. Sulhi Khan was a very haughty man. He was riding on a horse of a good breed. He was very proud of his horse.

When they reached near the kiln, his horse startled at the sudden flight of a bird. The horse was so frightened that it jumped over the wall and fell into the burning kiln along with Sulhi Khan.

Prihti Chand shoulted very loudly. But Sulhi Khan was burnt completely and was reduced to ashes.

This plan of Prithi Chand also failed, and the army troop returned back.

The deputy of Sulhi Khan warned Prithi Chand that he was responsible for the death of Sulhi Khan and would face the dire consequences.

When he realized that Mughal rulers had turned against him, he did not dare again to do any mischief.

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