Compilation of guru granth sahib

Prithi Chand opened another front to embarrass Guru Arjan Dev.

Prithi Chand and his son Meharban were compiled a granth in which he included hymns of four Gurus and poetry of Pir Faqirs. He mixed hymns of Sikh Gurus and his own in such a way that it became a difficult task to sort out the true and false hymns.

When Guru Arjan Dev heard about it he decided to take immediate steps to stop the confusion.

He called a meeting of Bhai Gurdas, Baba Budha and other prominent Sikhs. In the meeting they adjudged that hymns of Sikh Gurus and Bhagats should be compiled in one volume.

Guru Arjan Dev deputed Baba Budha as incharge of Darbar Sahib. In order to complete this arduous task He himself camped at the bank of Ramsar tank. He took the services of Bhai Gurdas to write the hymns.

Guru Arjan had Pothis of all Gurus. Now the major job for the Guru was to edit the holy hymns. Guru Arjan Dev also included spiritual verses of other Indian saints, both Hindus and Muslims.

All the hymns were arranged in order of the specific musical measure or Raga. The compositions of saints were arranged after hymns of the Gurus.

Bhai Gurdas with his own hands wrote the master copy of the compiled holy Granth.

The holy Granth was compiled in three years. After the monumental work had been completed, Bhai Bhano was deputed for the beautiful binding of the Granth.

When Bhai Bhano brought back the holy Granth at Amritsar, the Guru sent messages far and wide that the holy Granth would he manifested inside the Harimandir Sahib on Bhadon Sudi Ekam Samwat 1661 Bikrami.

A large number of devotees reached Harimandir Sahib.

The Guru addressed the congregation and said, 'This Granth is assembled as a spiritual ship to cross the worldly ocean. The man who reads, listens and contemplates it, would peacefully achieve salvation.'

At that time the holy Granth contained 974 pages.

Baha Budha was appointed the first Granthi.

In Harimandir Sahib the holy Granth was manifested on a beautiful throne. Baba Budha was asked to read the hymn. Baba Budha recited a hymn in his sweet voice.

After the evening prayer Baba Budha asked the Guru, 'Where should we keep the holy Granth at night for rest?'

The Guru said, 'I have got constructed a new sleeping couch. Place the couch in my sleeping room and decorate it with new bed sheets. Place the holy Granth on that couch and then cover it with new silken covers.'

Accordingly the holy Granth was placed on the new couch and Guru Arjan Dev slept on the floor near the couch.

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