Complaint Made To akbar

When Prithi Chand, learnt about the compilation of holy Granth he provoked Hindus and Muslims that the Granth had derogatory references to Muslim and Hindu prophets and gods.

On his instigation Hindu and Muslim wrote a complaint and met King Akbar.

The King had himself met Guru Amar Dass and Guru Ram Dass, so he paid no heed to the complaint of the Hindus and Muslims, but he assured them that whenever he visited Punjab he would enquire about their complaint.

After sometime King Akbar reached Batala on an official visit. The Maulvis and Pandits again met King Akbar and reminded him about their complaint.

King Akbar sent a message to Guru that the holy Granth should be brought at Batala.

Guru Arjan Dev sent Baba Budha and Bhai Gurdas with a copy of the holy Granth.

When Baba Budha and Bhai Gurdas reached Batala, King Akbar ordered the complainants to attend his court.

The holy Granth was manifested on a platform and Baba Budha was asked to read the hymn. When the holy Granth was opened the first hymn that was read was;

From clay and light God created the world,

The sky, the earth, trees and water are made by Him.

I have seen men pass away.

Forgetting God in avarice is like eating carrion.

The way the evil spirits kill and devour the dead.

King Akbar was very pleased to hear this hymn. He had always considered the Sikh Gurus as social reformers and devotees of One God and brotherhood of mankind. All this was close to his concept of Din-E-Illahi.

But the Pandit and Maulvis were too wicked to be satisfied. They said Baba Budha had read the hymn, from memory and had not read the text from the holy Granth.

They therefore asked Baba Budha to read from another page. They deputed one man named as Sahib Dayal to tell Baba Budha the page of his own choice and also asked him to sit hear him so that he might not read the hymn from his memory.

The next hymn read out was:

You don't see God who dwells in your heart,

And you carry about an idol around your neck.

A non-believer, you wander about churning water,

And you die harassed in delusion.

King Akbar was delighted to listen to this hymn. This hymn was as nobly inspired as the earlier one. There was nothing objectionable in it. He perceived that the hymn inculcated love and devotion and stressed to rid both the Hindus and Muslims of communalism.

The King was very happy to hear the hymns from the inspiring volume compiled by Guru Arjan Dev. He got up from his seat and placed one Hundred golden coins in front of the holy Granth. He also bestowed robes of honor on Baba Budha and Bhai Gurdas.

He also sent one robe of honor for the Guru, who had done such a remarkable feat. He also told Baba Budha and Bhai Gurdas that he would pay respects to Guru when he visited Lahore on the next tour.

When the Maulvis and Pandits found that instead of punishing the Sikhs, the King had adorned them by presenting the robes of honour, they left the court secretly so that they might not be given any punishment for such a nefarious act.

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