When (Guru) Arjan Dev was eleven years old Guru Amar Dass made up his mind to get married his youngest grandson. As the Guru loved him very much He wanted to see him married during his life time.

At village Mau lived his great devotee named Krishan Chand. He always served the Guru with affection and dedication.

Once he came to pay homage to Guru along with his family. Their younger daughter Ganga Devi was also with them. The Guru was very much impressed to find the loving, decorous, virtuous and sensible nature of the child.

The Guru invited Bhai Krishan Chand and his family at his residence and said, 'I am very pleased to see your daughter and I want to make her my grand daughter-in-law. I meant I desire that she may be married to Arjan Dev.'

Bhai Krishan Chand at once accepted the offer and said, 'My Lord! What else do we want, if my daughter gets the chance to serve the Guru's family, it is a blessing in disguise. We are very fortunate that the Guru himself wants to become our relative. We have seen Guru Arjan Dev, he is very intelligent and noble.'

After few days the date of marriage was fixed. In the house of the Guru the preparations for marriage activated. Guru Amar Dass and Guru Ram Dass became busy in making the arrangements for the marriage.

On the fixed day the marriage party rode towards the village Mau. Guru Amar Dass himself adorned and beautified his grandson.

After crossing the river Beas the marriage party reached village Mau. All the residents of the village came out to receive the marriage party. They were also very eager to pay homage to the true Guru. The Guru accepted their homage with a smile and blessed them.

Then the headman of the village met Guru Amar Dass and said, 'It is my request that there is a tradition of this village that before entering the village the bridegroom has to lance out a peg dug in the field. We do not want to put this condition to your grandson, but this custom has been in vogue since long times.'

When the Guru heard this, He laughed and said, 'My friend! Are you considering us mere hermits? We will enter your village after digging out that peg. Where lies that peg?'

The headman pointed towards a peg prepared from the branch of Jand tree.

All the members of marriage party were equipped with swords, lancers and spears.

On Guru's direction one young man handed over one lancer to (Guru) Arjan Dev. He was already riding on a horse. Holding the lancer in his right hand, he drove the horse towards the peg and drew out the peg at the very first attempt.

The people of the village were astonished to see such an extraordinary feat of Guru Arjan Dev. They had thought that a boy of eleven years would not be able to extract the peg so easily. The members of the marriage party also hailed the wonderful achievement of their bridegroom.

They exclaimed with joy, 'Hurrah! Hurrah!' Guru Amar Dass and Guru Ram Dass blessed their brave son.

When the marriage party assembled at one place, Bhai Krishan chand after paying homage to Amar Dass, garlanded Guru Ram Dass. Then both embraced each other. After that the marriage party proceeded towards the house of Krishan Chand.

There they were welcomed very cordially and were also served with various types of sweets. The marriage party stayed at night and next day the marriage of Bibi Ganga and (Guru) Arjan Dev was solemnized according to Guru's Ordain.

In the evening the parents of Bibi Ganga prepared a beautiful palanquin and saw off their daughter with tears in their eyes. The same day the marriage party along with the palanquin reached back Goindwal.

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