Bhai Manjh

Bhai Manjh was resident of the village Kangmai, district Hoshiarpur. He was a very rich landlord. He was a devotee of Sakhi Sarvar and for its propagation he established many Pir Houses.

Once Bhai Manjh met a Sikh who was reciting the hymns of Guru Nanak. He liked it and expressed his desire to meet the Guru of the Sikhs.

The Sikhs said that at that time Guru Arjan Dev was guiding the Sikhs and he was residing in the city of Amritsar.

Bhai Manjh reached Amritsar.

One day he met the Guru and said, 'My Lord! I want to become your Sikh, please help me.'

Hearing these words the Guru smiled and said, 'You are a devotee of Sakhi Sarvar. It is very easy to become a disciple of Sakhi Sarvar. But it is very difficult to become a true Sikh. A true Sikh subdues five passions of evil and he becomes as humble as the dust of the feet.'

Hearing the advice of the Guru, Bhai Manjh said, 'My Lord! I am ready to get rid of these five evil passions.'

Guru said, 'Bhai Manjh, you can do everything but two opposite beliefs can't stand on each other. If one pot is filled of water, at the same time it can't be filled with oil. First of all we have to throw away the water.'

These eloquent words of the Guru pierced into the heart of Bhai Manjh. He understood the reality and truth.

On the same day he returned to his village. He broke the Pir Houses constructed in his house. He did not care about the wishes of his friends and followers. He resigned from the post of the headman of the village. He took his wife and reached Amritsar. He distributed his land among the poor.

He attended the Darbar and bowed before the Guru with great reverence. Then he saw towards the Guru with tears in his eyes as he was telling the Guru that the pot was empty; and was ready to be filled with Sikhsim.

But he remained dumb and said nothing. He engrossed himself in the service of the Guru. He daily went to the forests to bring dry sticks for the free kitchen. He always kept himself busy in the service of the Guru.

One day when he was returning to Amritsar, carrying a bundle of sticks on his head, a dust storm of very high speed blockaded him. There became a pitch of darkness all around.

But reciting the Name of God he carried his movement forward.

On his way there was an old well. As he could not see it, he fell into the well. But he kept the bundle of sticks on his head so that it might not get wet. He was not afraid of anything. He kept on reciting the hymns of Guru, mindless of the consequences ahead.

In the evening when Sikhs found that Bhai Manjh had not reached there. They at once ran towards all sides for his search.

When one party reached near a well they heard recitation of the holy hymns. When they peeped into the well they found that Bhai Manjh was standing in the well, keeping dry sticks on his head.

They ran towards Darbar Sahib and brought ropes in order to bring Bhai Manjh out of the well.

They downed the rope into the well and asked him to catch the rope so that he might be pulled out.

But Bhai Manjh said, 'First being out the dry sticks so it could be used for the kitchen.'

So he tied the rope to sticks and the Sikhs brought out the sticks then he himself caught the rope and came out of the well.

When Guru Arjan Dev heard about this incident he also reached there.

When Bhai Manjh came out of the well, he saw the Guru also standing there. He could not control his emotions and befell at the feet of the Guru.

The Guru caught Bhai Manjh and embracing him with love said, 'Bhai Manjh you have obtained the highest grace of the God. Nobody can express the extent of this greatness.'

Guru Arjan Dev appointed him preacher and asked him to go to his village to propagate the Sikhsim.

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