Bhai Bhudhu Shah

Bhai Budhu Shah was a Government contractor. He lived at Lahore. His real name was Sadhu Ram.

His main business was to supply the baked bricks to the Government. He was also a devotee of the Guru Arjan Dev. He first met the Guru at Lahore. He was very influenced to hear the devotional songs of the Guru and became his follower.

He daily used to attend the Darbar in the Dharamsala of Chuna Mandi. Guru Arjan Dev stayed at Lahore for more than two years when he was sent to Lahore to participate in the marriage of a relative.

Once when he arranged raw bricks in the brick kilns for ripening he requested Guru Arjan Dev to pray to God so that his bricks become sound and well baked.

He arranged a free kitchen in his big Haveli and invited Guru Arjan Dev and his followers.

When the congregation was enjoying the meals, Bhai Kamalia also reached there. He also wanted to take meals. But the servants of Bhai Budhu Shah did not allow him to enter the Haveli.

He requested them and also told them that he was a Sikh of Guru Arjan Dev, but they did not care about that. As he was wearing very dirty clothes they considered him a beggar.

After taking the meals, when one Sikh was asked for prayer and when that Sikh said, 'The bricks lying in the kilns should ripen well…..'

Then Bhai Kalmia cried from outside 'No! No! The bricks will not ripen, it will remain half-baked, I have not been offered the meals. I have remained hungry. His servants have not allowed me to enter the Haveli. They say there is no food now. But the curse of poor man would prove true. Bricks will remain half-baked.'

After completion of the prayer Bhai Budhu Shah informed the Guru about the curse of Bhai Kamlia.

The Guru said, 'The bricks will now remain half-baked and under prepared as the curse of a poor man never goes waste. Your servants did not allow him to enter, but he is a true saint and a holy person.'

Bhai Budhu Shah became very sad and dejected. After contemplating for sometime he said, 'Has our prayer become worthless now.'

The Guru replied, 'The prayer uttered from the core of the heart never goes waste. But words said by a poor and a holy person also never fritter away. What he has said will prove true. But the gain of our prayer is that your half-baked bricks would sell at the rate of fully ripened bricks. Financially there would be no loss to you.'

Words uttered by the Guru proved true. In those days it rained so heavily that majority of houses fell to the ground. The wall of the Government fort also fell aside.

Subedar of Lahore tried very much to get the solid baked bricks, but all in vain.

But from the point of view of defense it was very important to construct the wall as early as possible.

So he was forced to buy half-prepared bricks of Bhai Budhu Shah at the rate of fully prepared bricks.

Bhai Budhu Shahh was very pleased when he found that the promise made by the Guru had proved true. He took many precious gifts and baskets of fruits to the Guru.

Seeing the gifts, the Guru said, 'You should present these gifts to Bhai Kamila. You kept him hungry on that day. You should keep in mind that whenever you arrange a free kitchen the doors must be kept open. All needy should be fed according to their satisfaction. Otherwise there is no need of making false shows of laying out the free kitchens.

Now you should meet Bhai Ladha of Lahore and with his assistance present these gifts to Bhai Kamila and beg pardon from him. If he pardons you, then your kilns will ever produce solid and baked bricks.'

Bhai Budhu Shah thanked the Guru for his wise advice and left for Lahore. There he met Bhai Ladha and with his help he traced Bhai Kamlia.

When Bhai Kamlia found those precious gifts presented to him, he felt very happy. He pardoned Bhai Budhu Shah on a condition that he would punish those servants who had stopped him entering his house.

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