Foundation of Harmindar Sahib

To implement the order of his father Guru Arjan Dev planned to construct Harimandir Sahib at the same platform. He thought to build such a temple that should be unique in the world.

This temple should be only used for contemplation, devotional singing, recitation of hymns and for meditation on the Name of God.

The Guru himself planned the basic fundamentals of the construction work. He thought that temple should have four doors, so that it might be open to all. These doors must not be in any known direction such as East, West, South or North, as Hindus worship in the direction of East and Muslims worship in the direction of West.

So he planned that each door should be in the middle of two directions. He also thought that temple should be kept low than the surface of the earth, so that whoever enters the temple premises first lowers himself which would be a sign of humility.

He also selected Sain Mian Mir to lay the foundation stone. That was a secular thinking of the Guru. Sain Mian Mir had great regard for Guru Arjan Dev.

The Guru invited Main Mir to lay the foundation stone of the new temple.

He laid down the foundation stone of Harimandir Sahib on Octber 03, 1588. He placed four bricks in the centres of four directions and one placed in the middle of the four.

Then Guru asked Sikhs to distribute Karah Prasad to the congregatgion.

Then the Guru sent for all the engineers and briefed them about the map of Harimandir Sahib keeping the base of the Harimandir above the level of the holy tank, arches were constructed under it.

The Har Ki pauri was constructed in the direction of east and around the temple circumambulation were constructed.

The Guru himself was supervising the construction work. He was very strict and did not allow the use of any inferior material. He was managing the whole affair sitting under the shade of Ilachi Beri.

The construction of Harimandir Sahib was accomplished in three years.

After the establishment of Harimandir Sahib, he composed under mentioned hymn in gratitude.

'He poured nectar and completed the job,

A dream has come true.

The whole world is hailing.

All fears are set at rest.'

After the construction of the Darbar Sahib daily Darbar was held there and devotional singers sang the holy hymns.

The establishment of Darbar Sahib is admirable, amazing, superb and supervising.

The Sikhs desired that it should be the tallest and longest building in the town.

But the Guru thought that there was no virtue like humility.

Therefore Darbar Sahib was built on low elevation.

This is unique temple which is open on all four sides. Anyone can enter it from any side.

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