Inhabitation of tarn taran

On preaching for Sikhism, the Guru reached a village named as Khaara. He camped outside the village Khaara at a very beautiful spot. There were many gardens of different fruit trees. There He also found a pond of water. The Guru decided to inhabit a town at that place.

With the help of his Sikhs He bought the required land including the pond. As water was need of the hour for the construction works. So he decided to convert that pond into a concreted tank. For that purpose he established brick-kilns.

One day when he was supervising the construction works of the tank, there came a Jogi.

Paying homage to the Guru, Jogi said, 'As you are concreting the tank for the service of the mankind. I want to help you.'

Guru said, 'You are welcome, these Sikhs are serving, you can also join them.'

Jogi said, 'I cannot help physically, but I want to assist you financially.'

Then showing one small bag to the Guru, Jogi said, 'This bag contains ash, the main characteristics of this ash is that, if we rub it with iron, it turns into silver and if we rub it with copper then it becomes gold.

Hearing these words of Jogi the Guru said, 'Has this ash any other quality?'

Jogi said, 'Yes it has another important quality. If we mix a very small quantity of it with water then a man suffering from the disease of leprosy can be cured.'

The Guru took the small bag filled with ash in his hand and threw the ash into the tank.

Jogi was astonished to see this and felt grieved.

He said, 'You have thrown wealth of Billions into the tank. You could have established a very beautiful city with this wealth.'

The Guru replied, 'O Jogi! Wealth is the worst enemy of mankind. It induces arrogance, passion, anger, lust and agony in man. You treat the false wealth as real, like the shadow of a cloud, whatever you see must disappear, so why you have become sad. The ash prepared by you will now help the mankind. Whoever will take bath in this tank would be cured of leprosy and many other diseases. You should feel proud that your services have been utilized for the right purpose.'

One day the Guru was going for a morning walk. On the way he saw that four men were carrying a cot on their shoulders. An old man lying on it, was moaning with great pain. The Guru asked them to stop and said, 'Where are you carrying this indisposed old man? Who is he?'

They said, 'The sick old man is our father. He is the headman of village Muradpura. He is suffering from the disease of leprosy. The disease has developed to such a critical stage that it has become unbearable for him. Now according to his wish we have been carrying him to throw into the river Beas.'

The Guru advised them, 'There is no need of throwing him into the river Beas. Come with me and bathe him in the holy tank. He will be alright after two or three days.'

They followed the Guru. Reaching near the tank, they placed the cot at the spot, sorted out by the Guru. Then according to the advice of the Guru they bathed him in the tank.

After taking bath Chaudhary felt relieved. While staying there he heard Divine music in the morning and evening and also bathed in the tank twice. He became quite hale and healthy within a week.

After that the Guru constructed a leprosy house there. He invited the patients of leprosy from all parts of India. He arranged a free kitchen and accommodation for them.

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