Blessings of baba buddha ji

One day a lady servant of Mata Ganga was hanging some wet clothes on the roof of their house. The devout Sikhs had offered many precious clothes to the Guru.

When Karmo, the wife of Prithi Chand saw these precious clothes, she could not bear it and told her husband, 'Are you not seeing that the Sikhs have presented such precious gifts to Ganga.'

Hearing this Prithi Chand said, 'Don't worry about this they are issueless and the will pass away as such.

One day your son will become the owner of all such precious gifts, you should remain contented for some more days.'

Guru Arjan Dev was married to Mata Ganga twelve years back but they were issueless.

The lady servant of Mata Ganga heard the dialogue between Karmo and Prithi Chand. She informed about this to Mata Ganga.

When Mata Ganga heard all this she became very said. She perceived that Prithi Chand was hoping that his own son Meharban would succeed as a Guru.

When Guru Arjan Dev came home Mata Ganga informed him about her distress.

But when the Guru found that his wife was keen to have a child, he asked her to go to Baba Budha for his blessing. Baba Budha was respected by the Sikhs and the Guru alike. Mata Ganga did not refuse. She did as was advised.

Mata Ganga with her attendants reached Guru ki Beedh. Baba Budha was sitting under a tree with other Sikhs.

When he saw two carriages coming towards him at full speed he said, 'Who is coming there?'

The Sikhs told him that families of the Guru were coming on carriages.

Baba Budha said, 'What has happened to the families of Guru that they are flighting.'

Mata Ganga stopped her carriage near Baba Budha. She asked her attendants to bring delicacies. She asked them to offer those to Baba Budha.

Instead of blessing the Guru's wife, Baba Budha even did not touch the delicacies.

She felt disappointed. She returned back with her attendants and told Guru Arjan Dev about the attitude of Baba Budha.

The Guru said that she should go again. But she should cook simple food with her own hands and with the humility of a devotee. She should go on foot.

Next day she did accordingly. When Baba Budha saw the wife of the Guru carrying the food on her head and coming on foot, he rose up and welcoming her and said, 'I was feeling very hungry today, it seems my mother has brought food for me.'

He was delighted to eat the simple food. While crushing the onion with his fist he said, 'Your son will crush the head of the enemies the way I have crushed the onion. He will be very brave and strong.'

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