(Guru) Gobind Singh was born at Patna on December 22, 1666.

His father was Guru Tegh Bahadur and the name of his mother was Mata Gujri. At the time of his birth, Guru Tegh Bahadur was in Assam.

This news was at once sent to Assam and Punjab. The people of Patna when came to know of this good news, they were over joyed.

The Grandmother of Guru, Bebe Nanaki distributed the alms and sweets to the poor. Free kitchens were arranged to feed the poors and at night the whole Patna was illuminated.

The maternal uncle of Guru, Bhai Kirpal was also there. He was looking after the Guru very carefully and was saying and was saying again and again that God himself had come in their house. So he named Guru as Gobind (God) Rai.

Guru Gobind Singh, in his previous birth, was absorbed in the name of God. He himself had written his own autobiography.

This autobiography known as Bachittar Natak, is written in poetry.

In this book, the Guru had also written some accounts of his previous birth.

He wrote that in his previous birth he contemplated on the Name of God sitting in the lap of Mount Everest, where seven peaks of the mountain were reflecting a very beautiful background.

There he worshipped the god for a long time. He was so much engrossed in contemplation that he achieved the everlasting fulfillment.

At that time India's honour was at his lowest ebb. The people were groaning under pain and humiliation.

The Mughal rulers were trying their best to convert Hindus to Islam. Those who were not accepting the orders of the rulers were tortured in most cruel manners. God Himself was feeling ashamed of such acts of cruelty.

So God decided to send a Great man into the world. That Great Man, who was ordered to take birth in India, was our Tenth Guru.

Guru Gobind Singh made a new history. He fought the forces of evil and bigotry in defense of the poor and Dharma. He created Khalsa, who ruined the Mughal Government and established a Sikh Raaj.

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