Halt at Lakhnaur

After visiting many pilgrim places, the holy family reached Lakhnaur, a town situated near Ambala. The devotees of this area made a comfortable arrangement for their stay.

Reaching at Lakhnaur they received a message from Guru Tegh bahadur that they should rest there for some time, as the weather was not suitable for a journey to Anandpur Sahib.

But Child Guru knew very well how to adjust himself at any place. Here also he gathered children of his age and started them as military soldiers.

He was taking keen interest in wrestling. He made an 'Akhara' where young wrestlers were playing the art of wrestling. Here he learnt house riding as well. The children from far and near were coming to see Child Guru's adventures.

When devotees of Malwa, Doaba and Majha came to know the Child Guru had been staying at Lakhnaur, they came flocking to have a glimpse of the Child Guru.

Whoever saw him, felt that Child Guru would grow into a man of great power and strength. When he was riding the horse or practicing with his sword, he was reminding them of his grandfather Guru Hargobind.

At Lakhnaur there was a well whose water was very brackish. The people of area requested Mata Gujri for a new well. So with the blessings of Mata Gujri a new well was dug. The water of this well was very sweet. These two memorials still exists at Lakhnaur.

Peer Bikhan Shah came here again to pay homage to the respected holy Child Guru.

At that time Child Guru was playing with his little friends. Peer at once recognized the Child Guru and lifting him with great love, he took him to Guru's house.

There the Child Guru sat in the lap of the saint and they talked for a long time.

Peer said, 'Please confer a boon on me. Let my pedigree exist forever.'

Child Guru blessed him and said, 'Always believe in One God.'

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