Guru Gobind Singh assumed Guruship in 1675 at Anandpur Sahib.

Baba Ram Kanwar, a descendant of Baba Budha performed the ceremony of Guruship. He presented the Guru, a garland of pearls, plumed turban, one sword, one horse, one falcon and five coins of gold.

The congregation was full of joy and happiness. The musicians were reciting the holy Hymns.

After assuming the Guurship, Guru Gobind Singh presented Siropas to Baba Ram Kanwar, Baba Gurditta and other devotees.

Though King Aurangzeb had issued strict orders for Sikhs, still millions of Sikhs reached Anandpur Sahib at the occasion of the ceremony.

On assuming Guruship, Guru Gobind Singh felt that time had come to accomplish the great task, for which the God had sent him in this mortal world.

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