Bhai Dulcha

Getting released from Kotwal, Roopa Seth sent Gold Bangles with local Masand Bhai Dulcha to the Guru at Anandpur Sahib.

But on reaching Anandpur Sahib Bhai Dulcha's mind changed. He wanted to keep those beautiful bangles with him. So he hides the bangles in his turban and offered other articles which he had brought from Multan, to the Guru.

But the Guru was Omnicient. Next day when the Guru attended the Darbar, He called Bhai Dulcha.

Seeing Bhai Dulcha, Guru said, 'What have you brought to offer me?'

Bhai Dulcha replied, 'My Lord, what I have brought, I have already offered to you.'

Guru ji again said, 'Bhai Dulcha try to remember, you have brought a very precious offering form my one beloved devotee, but you have forgotten to offer,'

On hearing this Bhai Dulcha was enraged, raising his voice he said, 'I have been serving the house of Guru for the last fifty years. You are doubting my honesty and maligning my respect.'

Guru ji smiled and said, 'Bhai Dulcha come near to me.'

When he reached near him the Guru hit a severe blow at his turban and the turban fell on the ground.

The whole congregation was astonished to see a pair of beautiful and precious gold bangles falling on the ground along with the turban.

Showing the pair of Bangles to the congretation, The Guru said, 'Bhai Dulcha tell me, what was hidden in your so called respect. My Devotee showed a great faith on your pious face, but you have cheated him. He was unaware of your cunningness and you were unaware of your own character.'

Bhai Dulcha felt very much ashamed and fell on the feet of the Guru. He prayed, 'O my Lord! Forgive me, I considered you a child, but you are true Guru, the Omniscient Guru, the God Himself. Please forgive me. You have opened my eyes.'

The Guru smiled and said, 'Bhai Dulcha there is no drought of forgiveness in the house of Guru, go, you have been forgiven, but keep this in mind that true respect lies in truthfulness. Liars and cheats always suffer. They not only lose this world, but are also dishonored in the next world.'

The congregation saw the episode of Bhai Dulcha. They were stunned to see the spiritual and mental powers of the Child Guru.

Since that day the Child Guru Gobind Singh was not only a Guru for them but they considered him a God Himself.

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