Kabuli Tent

In those days Kabul, a city of Afganistan was very famous for preparing carpets and woolen tents.

King Aurangzeb brought a very beautiful tent from Kabul which was embroidered in gold and silver.

When the Sikhs of Delhi saw this tent, they made up their mind to offer such a tent to their Guru. They wrote letters to the Sikhs of Kabul to prepare such a tent for the Guru.

In Kabul there lived a very rich man, whose name was Duni Chand. He was a great devotee of the Guru. He assured the Sikhs of Delhi for the preparation of such a woolen tent.

Duni Chand and other Sikhs prepared such a magnificent tent that it surpassed the beauty of the Kings tent.

That tent was presented to Guru on the occasion of Baisakhi.

When hill chiefs saw that tent they were very much amazed and strayed.

They felt small, as the Guru was owner of such tent, which even surpassed the beauty of King Aurangzeb's tent.

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