Raja Rattan Rai

In those days Assam was a big state. The ruler of this state was Raja Ram Rai. He was very wealthy, but always remained gloomy and sad on account of lack of a son.

By the blessings of Guru Tegh Bahadur, his wish was fulfilled, but he left the world, when his son was just a child.

While dying he advised his wife to bring up the child as a devout Sikh. The name of the child was Rattan Rai. The Queen always tried to mould his son according to the wishes of her husband.

When Rattan Rai grew up to a lad of twelve years Rani told his son about the Guru and his blessings.

On hearing this, the young Raja Rattan Rai expressed his eager desire to meet the great Guru.

But then Rani told him the story of Guru Tegh Bahadur martyrdom. Raja Rattan Rai became emotional and wept with grief and disappointment.

She said, 'Though Guru Tegh Bahadur does not exist in mortal form, but his spirit lives in the form of Guru Gobind Singh, who is guiding and blessing his Sikhs, you can see him and can get his blessings. He is also young like you and you would enjoy his company.'

On hearing this, Rattan Rai became happy and he decided to visit Guru's place.

After a long journey, Raja Rattan Rai alongwith his mother and other ministers reached Anandpur Sahib. The royal family was honoured to stay in the Kabuli tent.

Next day Raja Rattan Rai and his mother attended the Darbar of Guru Gobind Singh. Then the presents of weapons, precious metals and horses and elephants were offered to the Guru.

The Guru was greatly pleased to see the presents.

But of all these presents the most wonderful present was a black elephant. This elephant was unique in appearance and was trained to perform various acts of service. He had a white stripe stretching from the tip of trunk along the forehead and back, right upto the end of his tail.

This elephant waved 'Chaur' over the Guru, for washing the feet of the Guru, he held a jug of water in his trunk and after washing Guru's feet, he wiped them with a towel.

He fetched back the arrows shot by the Guru and did many other things which a common man can never imagine.

Then Raja Rattan Rai stayed at Anandpur for about five months, as being of the same age they went on several hunting excursion and always enjoyed each other's company.

When Rattan Rai made his mind to return home, Guruji blessed him and advised him saying, 'True worship consists in doing one's duty honestly and diligently and while performing duty one's mind must be firmly fixed on Almighty.'

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