Ranjit Nagaara

Guru had made up his mind to fight the tyrants with sword. So he was enlisting the new recruits in his army every day.

Guru ji realized that without a drum (Nagaara) military equipment was incomplete. He called Diwan Nand Chand and ordered him for the construction of a big Nagaara.

But in those days only Kings could beat a drum in their own Kingdom. No King would allow another King to march through his area with the beat of a drum.

But when the Masands came to know that Diwan was constructing a drum, they were frightened.

They were sure that Raja Bhim Chand, in whose state Anandpur was situated, would not allow Guru to beat a Drum in his territory. They also knew very well that most hill chiefs were against Guru's mission.

So when these hill chiefs would hear the beating of the drum they would be agitated and war would break out in no time.

But those Masands could not guts to face the Guru. So they went to his mother and told her about the fearful results.

She agreed to speak to the Guru. She met Guru and explained him about the sad consequences of beating of the drum.

After hearing mother's advice, the Guru said, 'My dear mother, my religion and religion of my forefathers inspires me to take up arms. Almighty had sent me in this world to uproot the tyrants and uplift the down trodden. Now I will not sit in seclusion. Now I must accomplish the mission of Guru Nanak.'

'I don't want to be a Raja or a King. I will not provoke any war, but if any one attacks me unprovoked and without any reason, then I will not stand before him with folded hands, but will face him with a sword in my hand and God's Name on my lips.'

Hearing this son's great resolve, mother agreed for the construction of a drum.

At last a great Nagaara was made and Guru ji named it 'Ranjit Nagaara' or the victorious on the battle field.

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