Raja Medani Prakash

Raja Medani Prakash was chief of the Nahan hill state. He had an enmity with Raja Fateh Chand of Srinagar. The reason for their mutual enmity was that Raja Fateh Chand had occupied some territory of Raja Medani Prakash and still there was a danger of his further aggressions.

Raja Medani Prakash needed help, but he did not know whom he should ask.

Baba Ram Rai, elder son of Guru Har Rai was known to be a close friend of Raja Fateh Chand.

Raja Fateh Chand daughter was to be married to the son of Bhim Chand, who was considered to be strongest of all hill chiefs. So Raja Fateh Chand was stronger than Raja Medani Prakash in spiritual as well as in military powers.

Raja Medani Prakash consulted his ministers.

One of his ministers was a devotee of Guru Gobind singh.

He advised Raja to request Guru to dwell with them for some time.

He said, 'Guru Gobind Singh occupies the seat of Guru Nanak and he posses more powers than Baba Ram Rai. An army of dauntless warriors is at his command. He himself is a great soldier. He is a great archer as well.'

Hearing this Raja Medani Prakash was relieved of his worries. He at once made up his mind to invite the Guru. He sent his wise minister in the Darbar of Guru.

Minister met the Guru and said, 'My Lord, the land of Nahan state abounds in beautiful natural scenery. We are also very anxious to have the bliss of your glimpse. Please come and spend some time in our state.'

The Guru was fond of hunting. He had no hesitation to go to Nahan. But still he called a meeting of his prominent Sikhs and consulted with them about the invitation of Raja Medani Prakash. They were unanimous in accepting the invitation.

So the Guru gave orders for preparations to be made for the journey.

As the Guru had to stay for a long time in Nahan state, so he took with him, his strong army and five hundred Udaasi Sikhs. The journey started in 1685.

On the way praying homage to his elder's shrines at Keeratpur He reached Nahan.

Raja of Nahan welcomed him with great pomp and show.

First thing that Guru did, was that he reconciled Raja Medani Prakash and Raja Fateh Chand. Raja Fateh Chand returned back the lands which he had forcibly annexed and became friend of Raja Medani Prakash.

Raja Fateh Chand also met the Guru and stayed for many days with him.

Raja Medani Prakash was very grateful of the Guru. He urged him to choose his abode in his territory, which the Guru accepted.

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