Paunta Sahib

The Guru accepted the request of Raja Medani Prakash to stay for sometime in Nahan state. He selected a very beautiful place on the banks of Jamuna. With the help of Raja a fort was constructed on that place for protection against enemies.

The Guru laid the foundation stone of the fort. For the residence of other Sikhs, houses were also constructed within the fort.

In Paunta also religious gatherings were held in the morning and evening and during the day the Sikhs showed feats of valour and physical power and skills. The new recruits were being given military training.

The Sikhs who had been coming from far and near to pay homage to Guru, were bringing with them gift in the form of horses, guns, swords and other important weapons.

Here the Guru devoted himself to the composition of poetry. The charming and fascinating beauty of that place was very suitable for creative works.

There were fifty two poets in the Darbar of Guru. Here the poetic symposiums were also held and the poets used to recite their new compositions.

The Guru also narrated his new works in the Darbar.

There were four writers who used to rewrite the Guru's works in beautiful hands, so that it might be available for the study of the other Sikhs.

Here the Guru translated 'The Bhagwat Puran' into Hindi.

While residing at Paunta Sahib the Guru evolved his plans for the completion of his God ordained task. Here he gave message of Sikhism and inspired people to get ready for achieving liberation form the political and religious bondage. He asked the people to be ready to face all eventualities.

At Paunta Sahib Baba Ram Rai came and met Guru Gobind Singh. He requested the Guru to help him against the Masands who were getting more powerful and conceited. That proved to be true.

As when Baba Ram Rai fell into a trance, the Masands declared him to be dead and cremated him forthwith. Then they took possession of his property.

Panjab Kaur wife of Baba Ram Rai rushed to Paunta Sahib and appraised Guru about the misdeeds of the Masands. She also requested the Guru to visit the Dera of Baba Rai Rai.

The Guru reached Dera with strong army of his Sikhs. He enquired about the whole situation and punished the guilty Masands severely.

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