The childhood of the holy child was also very fascinating. He was not an ordinary child. His lovely face attracted all. Everyone wanted to play with him. He never cried or wept.

When he was of the three or four years of age, he played with the children of his neighborhood. He would not play ordinary games.

He would arrange them into two groups and one group would face the other group just as in a battlefield.

All his friends considered him their leader and they obeyed him.

One day when he was playing with his friends, a Nawab with his servants happened to pass that way.

The servant asked the children to salute the Nawab.

But instead of saluting the Nawab, the holy child made faces at the Nawab and ran away with his friends.

The servants of Nawab became very angry to see such an act of the children. They ran behind them.

But the Nawab was very pleased to see such a brave act of the children. He asked them not to touch the children as they are considered even greater than Kings. Instead of punishing them, we should bow before them.

The games and entertainments of the child Guru were also for benefits of the others.

A leper was living at the bank of Ganga.

One day when he was sitting at the bank, the Guru pushed him into the water of Ganga.

Leper cried and abused the child Guru but when he came out of the water, he was free of leprosy. He became as beautiful as a prince of any state.

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