Killing of White Lion

While staying at Paunta Sahib the Guru made a routine to go to the dense forests for hunting. There He used to kill the terrible and dangerous animals. These animals were generally leopards, panthers, man eaters and wild pigs.

One day When Raja Fateh Cahnd and Raja Medani Prakash were staying with the Guru at Paunta Sahib, a news came that a white lion who had been converted into a man eater, was doing havoc among the people of the state.

It was also informed that the lion had even killed more than two dozen young boys and girls.

Nobody was daring to go to the forests.

The Guru at once ordered his men to bring a horse and weapons and set out towards the place where lion had been seen by the informer.

Raja Fateh Chand and Raja Medani Prakash also accompanied him. Raja's also took with them their body guards who were carrying with them loaded guns and arrows and bows. They were afraid that without their body guards the lion might not attack them.

The Guru was riding a horse, while the Raja's were sitting on their elephants. When they spotted that place, the lion on seeing them became conscious of their presence. The cruel beast got up and waited for the attack.

The Guru asked the two Raja's and their body guards to kill the lion single handed with the help of a sword and shield. But none dared to come forward.

The Rajas said, 'It is impossible to kill the lion with a sword. It is not wise to face such a fierce beast single handedly. We have loaded guns with us and we would kill the animal within minutes.'

On hearing their reply the Guru got down from his horse, took his sword and shield and advanced towards the lion. He stopped in front of the lion and challenged him to come out.

The lion sprang forward and attacked the Guru. The Guru received his fore paws on the shield, caught in the left hand and with sword caught in his right hand cut the lion into two pieces.

All were stunned to see such a feat of the Guru.

The Raja's acknowledged the Divine power of the Guru. They said, 'It is no mere human power that has killed the animal, it is rather the power of God that has killed such a great lion.'

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