It has been written by some historians that the Guru had three wives. But other writers argue that he had married only twice. They say that Jito was the original name of Guru's wife, she was renamed as Sunderi after marriage by the Guru.

After sometimes that two names came to suggest two persons and it was perceived that the Guru had two wives. The first marriage of the Guru took place with Mata Jito, the daughter of Shri Harjas Rai resident of Lahore. This marriage was arranged at Guru Ka Lahore near Anandpur Sahib.

Shri Harjas Rai had invited the marriage party to attend at Lahore, but the Guru due to rainy season asked his father in law to camp at Guru Ka Lahore near Bhakhra Nangal.

Shri Harjas Rai reached Guru Ka Lahore with his kith and kin. The marriage ceremony was celebrated with great pomp and show and thousands of Sikhs and devotees enjoyed the happy occasion.

The so called second marriage was performed with Mata Sahib Kaur daughter of Bhai Ramu. Bhai Ramu who was a Bassi Khatri belonged to village Rohtaas in the district of Jhelam

On the occasion of a Baisakhi Congregation Bhai Ramu came to Anandpur Sahib to pay homage to the Guru. He also brought with him his daughter in a palanquin. He requested the Guru that he had betrothed his daughter with him since her infancy.

As she had been dedicated to the Guru since her birth, so she had been called ‘Mata' by all Sikhs.

But when the Guru refused to accept her, Bhai Ramu said, 'No one would now wed the Mother of Sikhs, there is left no place for her except your feet. Please accept her. She would be always at your service.'

Then the Guru said, 'Let then be her the Mother of Khalsa and let her serve them with a motherly affection. If she agrees to serve Khalsa, then you may leave her here.'

Mata Sahib Kaur agreed to remain virgin all her life. Then the Guru consented to take her into wedlock. But the marriage with Mata Sahib was not a physical one. It was just a union of two souls in the bonds of Divine Love.

On the occasion of baptism, the Sikhs are told that hence forth the name of their village is Anandpur, the name of their Father is Guru Gobind singh and the name of their ‘Mother' is Sahib Kaur.

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