Mohina And Sohina

Near Ambala there lived a rich couple named as Sohina and Mohina. They worshipped idols.

One day when they were bringing water to bathe the idol they saw a stranger nearby asking them to give some water to drink. But they did not care the stranger and after getting the idol bathed, they worshipped it.

They were very kind hearted they did not forget the stranger. They took some water and went towards him.

But when they reached there, they saw the stranger had died. They were very much grieved, when they saw the stranger carefully, they came to know that he was a Sikh, who had been wounded by robbers, when he was trying to save some travelers.

Seeing this scene Sohina and Mohina were feeling very restless. Someone told them that the Guru of Sikhs lives at Anandpur.

Hearing this, they decided to go to Anandpur to get the blessings of the Guru. But they could not meet the Guru one day they met Kesra, the gardener of the Guru.

Kesra was a very kind man. He gave accommodation to the couple and kept them with himself.

Sohina and Mohina worked in the garden day and night and garden of flower became so beautiful that Guru himself was visitng the garden to give a feast to his eyes.

When Sohina and Mohina came to know that birthday of Guru Gobind Singh was approaching near they thought that they would offer flowers of this garden to Guru in order to get blessings of the Guru.

There also lived a Faqir known as Roda Jalai. When he saw these beautiful flowers he made up his mind to offer these flowers to Guru in order to win favour of the Guru.

When he asked Mohina and Sohina for some flowers, they refused frankly, as they wanted to offer all these flowers to the Guru.

When Roda Jalai heard their reply, he entered in the garden early in the morning and stole all the flowers.

When Mohina and Sohina came to know about this, they were grieved very much.

Next day Roda Jalai took the stolen flowers and placed before the Guru with great reverence.

But the Guru who had a penetrating mind had already perceived the truth.

The Guru said, 'Why have you plucked these beautiful flowers. It is not a suitable act for the faqirs of your caliber.'

Roda Jalai said, 'I am a faqir, I have no money with me so I have brought these flowers to offer you.'

But when Roda Jalai bowed before the Guru to pay his obeisance his cap fell on the ground and a number of golden Mohars, which he kept in his cap also scattered on the ground. The Sangat which was sitting nearby ridiculed him.

When Guru came to know that Roda Jalai had stolen the flowers from the garden of Mohina and Sohina, He picked up the flowers and met Sohina and Mohina and blessed them gracefully.

Mohina and Sohina became very happy and told the whole story of a wounded Sikh.

After that they became Sikhs of the Guru.

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