Brave Deep Kaur

The process of Baptization was not confined to men alone. The Guru had raised women to a position of equality with men. T

Sikh history is full of such examples, when weak and powerless women, after taking Amrit, were converted into brave lionesses.

In Sikh history there is one such example of Bibi Deep Kaur, who displayed manly strength and courage.

Once a Jatha of Majha Sikhs was going to Anandpur Sahib. This Jatha also included a young baptized woman. Her name was Bibi Deep Kaur.

When the Jatha reached the village Talabban, they saw a well. They halted round well in order to drink water and to refresh themselves for a while.

But as Bibi Deep Kaur was not feeling thirsty, she continued to march on.

When she had gone some yards away from his companions, four armed Muhamadans saw her.

Finding her alone, they decided to loot her. They rushed towards her and ordered her to stop. When she stopped, they commanded her to hand over all her belongings to them.

But Bibi Deep Kaur was not an ordinary Indian women, she displayed the gallant Sikh spirit. As she was also armed, she was not afraid of them. With a healthy presence of mind, she threw one of her gold bangle on the ground.

When one of the dacoits bent down to pick up the bangle, she took her sword and severed away his head with in no time. When the other three saw that horrible scene, they were completely bewildered. They were of two minds, either to fight with her or to run away.

But before they could make up their decision, she killed the other two with her powerful sword. When the fourth tried to run away, she wounded him while changing and felled him on the ground. Then Bibi Deep Kaur sat on his chest and pierced her sword into his heart.

When she was sitting on the chest of the dacoit her other members of the Jatha reached there. They were stunned to see the courage and swordsmanship of Bibi Deep Kaur.

They found that Bibi Deep Kaur was unhurt but the four dacoits were dispatched to the next world.

Some of their companions praised her and thanked the Great Guru for her safety, but some party men had some objections for her such deed. They thought that while sitting on the chest of the Muslim, she had polluted herself.

Within few days the Jatha reached Anandpur Sahib. They narrated the whole incident to Guru Gobind Singh. The Guru was very much pleased to hear such bravery of his devotee.

But the members of the party, who had some objections against this act of Bibi Deep Kaur said, 'O True Guru, though she has done a great deed of bravery but by touching the Muslim, she has polluted herself. Now she is not worthy to live with us.'

On hearing this, the Guru smiled and said, 'She has not been polluted, but your thoughts are polluted. A man having such polluted and worthless thoughts cannot be my Sikh. My brave daughter had not only saved her honor and dignity but has purified herself. Now no pollution can affect her. She has set up an example to infuse courage into others.'

Then the Guru patting her said, 'I am very proud of you, my child!'

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