Invasion of Hill Chiefs

One day when the Guru had gone for hunting excursion, He was suddenly attacked by the hill chiefs.

Though the Guru had a very small number of soldiers with him, they fought back bravely and not only repulsed the attack but even killed a hill chief.

One hill chief lost his arm. The Guru's arrows never missed their target and pierced through the breasts of many enemies.

When the hill soldiers found the dead body of their chief they took to their heels.

This defeat frightened the hill chiefs. They met at one place to sort out new plans. They all agreed to expel the Guru from their neighborhood.

But they also knew the power of the Guru. They perceived very well that even the combined force of all the hill chiefs could not face the Guru. So they decided to ask for the help of the Mughal Army.

They requested Nawab of Sirhind for help. After getting Emperor's sanction, the Governor of Sirhind dispatched an army of ten thousand under the command of Dina Beg and Painda Khan. The hill chiefs also joined their own forces with the imperial army.

When the army reached Anandpur Sahib, the Guru leading his army came forward to face the enemy.

A bloody battle was fought. When Painda Khan advanced and challenged the Guru to a single combat, the Guru accepted his challenge and with a single arrow dispatched him to the other world.

Dina Beg was badly wounded seeing the tenderness and delicacy of the situation the Hill Chiefs fled from the field.

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