Bhai Bhachiter Singh

The Hill Chiefs were now certain that they could not defeat the Guru in the field. So they made up their mind to invade the city. They blocked the city for two months, but they achieved nothing.

So they decided to break the gate of fort in order to occupy it. They intoxicated an elephant, covered his body and head with iron plates and directed him against the gate of the fort.

When the Guru got this information He asked his one trusted and brave soldier Bhai Bachittar Singh to face the elephant.

Bachittar singh came out of the fort with his gallant horse taking his great lancer in his right hand and gave such a powerful blow to the face of the elephant that it pierced through the steel armor.

The severely wounded elephant turned round and ran about killing his own army men.

Bachittar Singh pursued the elephant crying loudly.

Then the Khalsa army also fell on the hill chiefs. The hill army took to their heels and ran away in all directions to save their lives.

The Guru was very much pleased to see the bravery of Bhai Bachittar Singh. He tapped him lovingly and gave him a beautiful sword as a symbol of honour.

The lancer with which Bhai Bachittar Singh wounded the intoxicated elephant, is kept in the fort of Keshgarh at Anandpur Sahib.

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