The Guru And Sikhs

The Sikhs were loving their Guru to such an extent that they were ever ready to sacrifice their lives even on the minor hint or call.

Some Sikhs dedicated their sons from birth to the Guru's cause. These dedicated soldiers were trained in the use of different types of weapons. Mothers and Wives happily sent their sons and husbands to serve the Guru.

There is an anecdote that one day an old Sikh lady attended the Darbar of the Guru. She was weeping and crying. The Guru called her and asked her the reason of bewailing.

She said, 'My Lord! My agony is unbearable. My husband was at your service, he sacrificed his life while fighting bravely in defence of your noble cause. Then I did not feel grieved, instead I thanked almighty for his kind acceptance of him. My two elder sons also laid down their lives for your noble cause. When I heard that my two sons had also joined the ranks of saint soldiers, then also I thanked God and felt relieved. Now my third son, who is also very eager to join your saint army, is lying on his death bed. I fear he might not die without serving you. So my woe is unbounded. I have come to request you that his life must be saved. Please make him your saint soldier and let him die at your feet.'

On hearing this, the Guru was very much pleased, patting the old woman He said, 'God will accept your prayer and your son would be a great soldier in my army.'

The old woman smiled and felt happy.

From the above it is evident that how Sikhs loved their Guru.

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