Battle of Bhangini

Raja Fateh Chand invited Guru at the marriage ceremony of his daughter. His daughter was betrothed to the son of Raja Bhim chand , who was considering the Guru as his enemy.

So the Guru decided to send Diwan Nand Chand with precious marriage gifts for the princess. Diwan Nand Chand took with him some brave soldiers and reached Sri Nagar with the costly gifts.

A large marriage party accompanied by a large army proceeded towards Sri Nagar.

But the convenient and nearest route from Bilaspur to Sri Nagar passed by way of Paunta. So Bhim Chand asked Guru to let their marriage party to pass via Paunta. But the Guru knew the conceitedness of Raja Bhim Chand.

So He replied that a marriage party accompanied by a large army would not be allowed to pass by way of Paunta. But such members as might be necessary to reach early would be allowed to pass via Paunta.

So Raja Bhim Chand was forced to send his army by the longer route. Bridegroom and his party was allowed by the Guru to pass.

Bhim Chand and other Rajas though went via the long route, but they felt very humiliated and they sweared to take revenge.

When they reached Sri Nagar they persuaded Raja Fateh Chand to lead the attack on the Guru. Raja Fateh Chand had no other alternative but to accept the advice of Raja Bhim Chand as he was warned that if he would not agree, his daughter would be left.

When Diwan Nand Chand came to know of these new developments, they made good their escape with all the costly gifts.

Raja Bhim Chand's men intercepted them but the Sikhs fought bravely and reached Paunta. They told the Guru about the plannings of the hill chiefs, so preparations were made to face the enemy.

The Guru had employed five hundred pathan soldiers on the recommendation of Peer Budhu Shah.

When these Pathans came to know that the hill chiefs were marching against the Guru they deserted the Guru.

But when Peer Budhu Shah heard that the Pathans had left at that critical time, he hurried to the Guru for help. He was accompanied by his two brothers, four sons and seven hundred disciples.

Five hundred udasis ran away during the night. One Udasi Mahant Kirpal stayed whom the Guru patted and said, 'You have save the root of udaasi Sikhs.'

When the news of battle spread the Sikhs form all sides thronged to help the Guru. The Guru stationed his troops at the farther end of a level stretch of ground besides the river Jamuna about seven miles north of Paunta and near the village Bhangaani.

Raja Fateh Chand attacked the Guru with a combined army of all hill chiefs. A sever battle was fought in which many soldiers were killed. The cattle grazers and confectioners who had never handed sword or shield fought like trained soldiers and killed many pathans and hill men.

Mahant Kirpal Chand killed Hayat Khan even his club.

After three days fight the pathans and hill chiefs took to their heels.

Many prominent Sikhs were killed in the battle but the complete victory over the combined armies of the hill chiefs gave a boost to the confidence and morale of the Sikhs.

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