Battle of Nadaun

After winning the battle of Bhangaani, the Guru returned to Anandpur Sahib.

The hill chiefs had not paid the tax to the Emperor of Delhi since many years.

Mian Khan Govrnor of Jammu sent his commander Alif Khan to collect the taxes.

Alif Khan reached Nadaun via Kangra.

From there he sent a message to Raja Bhim Chand that either he should pay the taxes or get ready for battle. The hill chiefs gathered to consider the matter.

A minster of Bhim chand asked them to seek the advice of the Guru.

The Guru advised them to resist the demand and be ready for the battle.

The Guru assured them that He would help them. With the help of the Guru, the hill chiefs attacked at the army of Alif Khan.

A bloody battle was fought at Nadaun. When Alif Khan found that his all commanders had been killed, he ran away to save his life.

Then the Guru advised the hill chiefs to remain united. He asked them to lay aside all fear and hesitation and to work for the cause of their country's freedom.

Though the battle had been fought and won by the Guru and the Rajas together, but it was regarded by all as being the victory of the Guru.

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