Spinning Wheel

A poor old woman was living in the neighborhood of Guru's Haveli.

Being a widow and issueless, she was living alone. She would make her both ends meet by spinning thread.

Whenever the child Guru was finding that old woman had gone outside. He would enter her house and used to scatter her cotton balls and thread spun by her.

The poor woman would complain to Mata Gujri against this mischief of the child Guru.

But Mata Gujri instead of saying something to child Guru, would console the old woman and by giving her a lot of money compensated her loss.

One day Mata Gujhri said, 'My dear child, why are you playing mischief on this poor old woman? What do you get by scattering cotton balls?'

On hearing this, the child Guru said, 'Though I am not getting anything by playing this mischief but this old woman gets a lot of money. What you give her is much more, what she can earn. I want to save the labour of this old mother.'

Hearing these words of child Guru, Mata Gujri felt very happy.

The child Guru was also giving alms to the poor children. He was taking money from his grandmother and used it to distribute it among the needy.

Due to his benevolent nature all children had great respect for him they were always at his back and call.

In the evening when they were returning to their homes after playing the games, he served them candy and sweets.

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