Battle of Anandpur Sahib

The hill chiefs were always planning to harm the Guru.

Once the Guru visited Kurukshetra, on the auspicious occasion of solar eclipse. Most of the hills chiefs were also present there.

When they came to know that the Guru had at the most hundred soldiers with him, they planned to capture him on his way back to Anandpur Sahib.

When they were thinking about their future designs, they heard that two Muslim generals. Sayyad Beg and Alif Khan, with an army of ten thousand, were marching from Delhi to Lahore.

When the Guru reached Chamkaur the two generals invaded him. A severe battle was fought.

General Sayyad Beg was already admirer of the Guru. When he saw the guru, his heard desisted from fighting against the saint of God. With his followers he joined the Gurus army. The desertion of Sayyad Beg, discouraged Alif Khan and he retreated back.

This defeat demoralized the hill chiefs and they sent another representation to King Aurangzeb for help.

The Emperor accepted their request and sent General Ramzan Khan led the charge with great fury.

Seeing a large army, the Guru considered it wise to retire to the fort. The royal army plundered the city and encamping a few miles of the city and spent the night in feastings.

When they were in deep sleep, the Sikhs under the command of Sahibzada Ajit singh invaded the imperial army. The Sikhs took back the booty which the royal army had looted, the camp also fell into the hands of the Khalsa.

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