Bhai Ghanhaiya ji

In the horrible of Anandpur Sahib, there was also a man who had not taking part in killings or wounding the enemy, but was serving all without any discrimination. The name of that Saint was Bhai Ghanhaiya ji.

Bhai Ghanhaiya belonged to village Sodra in district of the Gujjranwala (Pakistan). He was Guru's devout Sikh and had a very delicate and kind heart. His peace loving nature desisted him from becoming a soldier.

But being a beloved Sikh of the Guru, he wanted to serve him one way or the other. So he learnt the art of rendering first aid to the wounded.

He organized an ambulance band and serving the wounded in the battle field.

When and where ever fighting took place he would take his men with him. He served the water and provided other necessary help to the wounded. He dressed their wounds and also helped them to reach their camps. He was serving the friends and enemies alike.

One day few Sikhs complained to the Guru that Bhai Ghanhaiya was giving first aid and water to the wounded enemies and Sikhs alike. They also accused him that practically he was helping the enemy, as the soldiers, who had been cured by him, were again becoming fit to face the Sikhs.

The Guru called Bhai Ghanhaiya and asked him about the accusations ascribed by other Sikhs.

Bhai Ghanhaiya said, 'My Lord! It is true, I provide water and first aid to all wounded persons though they might be Turks or Sikhs. But actually I am neither serving Sikhs nor Turks, I have been serving you. Your teaching opened my mind and I see you in every human body which lies wounded on the battle field so I am supplying water and providing first aid to none else, but you.'

The Guru was very much pleased to hear this answer and he stood up and patting him and said, 'Bhai Ghanhaiya, you are great, you have achieved your target, you have crossed the worldly ocean and now have been exempted from further transmigration.'

In those days Red Cross societies did not exist, so Bhai Ghanhaiya is claimed to be the pioneer of Red Cross society.

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