Anandpur Fort

When the Generals of the royal army found their soldiers being killed in large numbers they lost the hope of defeating the Sikhs in the open field. Therefore they made up their minds to besiege and blockage the fort and to cut off all supplies.

When the cordon continued for many days its effects began to be felt in the fort.

The Sikhs and Guru's family began to starve and precious animals died for want of food. Though Sikhs bore hunger and hardships for a long time but still they did not lose their hearts, they had come there to sacrifice their lives for cause of great mission.

When the long siege did not bear any fruit, the royal army and hill chiefs were also worried. They had also to feed a big army and in those days the means of supply in such hilly areas were not so easy.

So they tried to persuade the Guru to vacate the fort. They requested the Guru to evacuate Anandpur Sahib. They also swore on the cow and the Quran that their promises were genuine and would be kept in true faith.

But the Guru knew the treacherous plans of the hill men and the Turks.

When a number of Sikhs and Guru's mother asked the Guru to accept the enemies offer, then the Guru agreed to demonstrate to them the wisdom of his opinion about the hill men and Turks.

He told the envoys of hill men and Turks that He would evacuate the fort if the armies first allow the removal of his precious property. They at once agreed and assured the Guru of their promises made.

Then the Guru asked his men to fill the sacks with old shoes, torn clothes and other rubbish material. The sacks which were covered with beautiful brocade were loaded on the backs of bullocks which were forced out of the fort at mid night.

Flambeau with long handles was tied to the horns of the bullocks, so that those might be seen from a long distance.

When the animals reached near the army they at once fell upon them to loot the precious property. But when they touched the foul smelling rubbish they felt ashamed.

The Sikhs also learnt the lesson that the hill men and Turks could not be behaved.

Then a letter came from King Aurangzeb,'I swear by Quran and by Prophet Mohammad not to harm you, cease war fare and come to me.'

At last circumstances compelled the Guru to evacuate the fort.

Bhai Gurbax Singh Udaasi was made incharge of the fort. The articles which could not be taken away were burnt. The manuscripts and other literary books were the important property to be taken along with.

When everything was ready the party left the fort at midnight.

At the time of departure the Guru had with him five hundred Sikhs, his family and five Beloved Ones.

They proceeded towards Ropar. That mid night of the month of Poh was dark and bitterly cold. It had been also been raining and a hard cold wind also began to blow.

When the Turks came to know that the Guru had left, they forgot all their oaths and chased the Guru. The Guru proceeded towards Ropar via Keeratpur and Nirmoh Garh.

But when they reached the bank of Sirsa they found the stream was in flood. Baba Ajit Singh was asked to stop the progress of the enemy and the rest crossed the Sirsa.

When the advanced party crossed the stream, Baba Ajit Singh and his fellows also plunged into the stream and soon they joined the Gru.

In this typhoon and over flow of water the Guru's mother and his two younger sons got separated from the main party.

The Guru along with his trusted Sikhs, his two elder sons, Baba Ajit Singh and Baba Jujhar Singh and five Beloved Ones proceeded towards Chamkaur.

On reaching there they occupied a mud built house. It was situated on a high place and was in the shape of a small fort.

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