Battle of Chamkur Sahib

The Guru entrenched the mud built house. His army consisted of only forty trusted Sikhs, his weapons of offence and defence were those which he and his Sikhs had arranged to bring with them.

His provisions consisted of the little that he could procure in the interval between his arrival of Royal armies. This was the situation under which the mud built fort of Guru Gobind singh was made ready to face the royal armies.

The Guru asked his eight Sikhs to guard each wall, two were posted at the gate and two were directed to keep watch. The Guru himself with his few Sikhs and two sons held the top storey.

At mid night the Mughal army rushed up and surrounded the village. Next morning a part of army advanced to capture the small fort.

But when they approached near the fort a valley of bullet and arrows greeted them.

Then next party advanced they also met the same fate.

The generals were astonished to see such unexpected destruction. Bewildered at their reverse, general Nahar Khan decided to scale the wall, but Guru's one arrow dispatched him to the next world.

Then General Giani Khan rushed to jump over the wall, but the gold tipped arrow of Guru pierced into his chest.

At last the Mughal army decided to break through the gate of the fort.

But as they tried to rush forth in that direction, the Guru dispatched a Jatha of five Sikhs to face them. They fought very bravely and killed a large number of Mughal soldiers.

Being few in number at last they were over powered and killed.

Then the Guru sent another batch and they also faced the attackers valiantly.

Then Baba Ajit Singh stood up with folded hands and requested the Guru for permission to go out and to face the enemy in the next attack.

The Guru embraced and kissed his son and permitted him to go outside. Five Sikhs accompanied him. They all fought very bravely but how long six of them withstand hundreds and thousands? They sacrificed their lives for the true cause.

In the next batch Baba Jujhar Singh fought as bravely as his brother had done. He also died fighting to the last.

It was night by now. The Mughal army laid down to take rest.

The Guru had five Sikhs left with him. They took counsel together and requested Guru to leave the fort. The Guru obeyed their command and left the fort with three other Sikhs Bhai Daya Singh, Bhai Dharm Singh, Bhai Maan Singh.

Two Sikhs Bhai Sant Singh and Bhai Sangat Singh were left in the fort. The plume of Guru was put on the head of Bhai Sangat Singh whose face greatly resembled the face of the Guru.

Walking on thorns and pebbles on the way the Guru reached Macchiwara. There he lay down to take rest. Other three Sikhs also accompanied him.

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