Uch Da Peer

At Machhiwara the Guru and his three Sikhs stayed in the house of Bhai Gulaba. He was very anxious to serve them but was also afraid of the Muslim rulers.

At night Gulaba locked them on the upper storey of his house. But next morning he requested the Guru to take his departure. The Guru was ready to go, but before departure He wanted to see an old lady Gurdevi.

The old lady was very much pleased to see the Guru and presented him a big piece of Khaddar cloth.

There also lived two Rohilla Pathans Gani Khan and Nabi Khan. They were horse traders and they had sold many horses to the Guru.

When they heard about the Guru, they were moved to tears and they decided to help the Guru. They dyed that Khaddar blue and prepared robes and dresses as worn by a sect of Muslim Saints.

Guru and his three Sikhs dressed themselves in these clothes and let their long hair fall down their shoulders.

Distinguishing themselves in that way, the Guru sat on a litter and it was lifted by Gani Khan, Nabi Khan, Maan singh and Dharm Singh.

Bhai Daya Singh waved a Chaur over him. In that way they were escorting the Uch da Peer.

On the way no body questioned them and they travelled on safely.

They reached Hehar village in Ludhiana district and there they met Udaasi Mahant Kirpal, who had killed Hayat Khan in the battle of Bhangani.

From Hehar the Guru moved to Jatpura and stayed there for some time they proceeded to Rialkot. There He stayed with Rai Kalha who was a rich and influential Muslim Jat of Rai Kot. He served the Guru with loving hospitality.

The Guru asked him to send a messenger to Sirhind to find out what had happened to his mother and two younger children.

He sent Noora to Sirhind, who came back within a short time, Noora told them that two younger sons of Guru had been martyred by Nawab of Srihind and Mata Gujri when heard this news she had also flown after them to their Divine Abode.

On hearing this news the Guru closed his eyes and after some secret communication with the God and said, 'I am happy they have conquered the death and have become immortal.'

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