From Rai Kalha, the Guru went to Dina Kangar. Here He met three brothers Shamira, Lakhmira and Takhat Mal, who were grandons of Bhai Jodha Rai, who was a devoted Sikh of sixth Guru Hargobind Sahib. They welcomed the Guru and were ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the Guru.

The Guru stayed peacefully for a long time at Dina. When the Sikhs of Malwa and Majha heard about the arrival of the Guru at Dina, they flocked around him. Within few months a large army of the Sikhs was ready to face the enemy.

At Dina, the Guru wrote the letter Zafarnama or the Epistle of Victory.

Addressing this letter to King Aurangzeb, He wrote, 'I have not even a bit of confidence in you. Your Generals and Ministers are all false. What could forty men do, when millions attacked them unawares. I was forced to engage in the combat, when all other means fail, it is lawful to have recourse to the sword.'

He further wrote, 'When you sweared by Mohammad and called the word of God as a witness, then it was a binding on you to observe that oath. Everybody should be a man of word. I am a slave of God and ready to obey His orders with my life. What though my four sons have been killed, but coiled cobra still remains. The hill men were against me, because they were idol worshipers and I was an idol breaker.'

This letter was handed over to Bhai Daya Singh and Bhai Dharm Singh, who delivered that letter to King Aurangzeb at Ahmand Nagar in the Deccan.

This letter of Guru reached Aurangzeb at a time when he was feeling that his end was near. That letter reminded him of his past sins and crimes against the Holyman. The letter softened his heart and moulded his mind to repent on his past misdeeds.

The Emperor treated Bhai Daya Singh and Bhai Dharm Singh with kindness. He wrote to Governor of Sirhind and his other Generals telling them that the Guru should not be maltreated again and he should be allowed to move anywhere according to his wishes.

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