Battle of Mukatsar

At Dina Kangar, the Guru enrolled many brave soldier and also collected ammunition and weapons of war. Here He came to know that Nawab of Sirhind was pursuing him. He therefore decided to go into thick jungles where defence would be easier.

In the way He stayed at Jalal, Bhagta and several other villages. Wherever He went the people flocked to listen to truthful utterances of the Guru.

Then the Guru moved to village Dhilwan. Here He met Bhai Kaula a descendant of Prithi Chand.

Bhai Kaula presented a yellow dress to the Guru and requested him to put off the blue robes. The Guru put off the robes and tearing it into pieces threw it into the fire, piece by piece.

The Guru was also saying that He was burning the Mughal Empire by bit.

During this process a piece of blue dress did not fall into the fire, Bhai Maan singh took that piece and wrapped it round his turban. It is said that arose the sect of Nihangs, who wear blue dress and use cloth of this color in their Turbans also.

Staying for sometime at Dhilwan the Guru moved on to Jaito. Here He was informed that Nawab of Sirhind was chasing him with over five thousand soldiers.

Then the Guru took a trusty guide and moved towards natural big pond of Khidraana. They drank water and took some bags of water with them and shifted to shrubby deserts in the southern side of the pond. They were encamping at a higher place and could face the Mughal army safely.

The Guru sent messages to all areas where his trusted gallant warriors had been living.

When the people of Majha received this news they resolved to go to the Guru and to die fighting for him.

A Jatha of two thousand armed Singhs under the command of Mai Bhaago of Jhabaal and Bhai Mahan Singh and Bhai Baaz singh of Meerpur started towards the pond of Khidraana.

When they inspected the pond of Khidraana they found that most part of it was dry. They took bath in the dhaab and spread white sheets of Khaddar and other clothes on the shrubs in order to deceive the enemy that a large number of Sikh army was encamping there.

Under the guidance of Kapura, a large Mohammadan army reached there, Mai Bhago, Bhai Mahan Singh, Bhai Ram singh and their associates came out from the shrubs and fell on the royal army.

Mughal army was astonished to see such an on slaught. All the Sikhs were fighting with their unusual courage and power.

Mai Bhaago was fighting in the foremost rank. She was overpowering the enemy so forcefully that the Chandi Devi had come to the field. The Turks rushed forward several times, but they had to retire in dismay each time.

When all the bullets and arrows exhausted they took up their swords and lancers. They engaged the enemy in hand to hand fight.

Singhs were not fighting for victory. They had the only ambition to win the pleasure of the Guru. They killed about three thousand of Turks.

When the enemy found that they could not advance further and it was not possible for them to take possession of the tank. They were forced to retreat back.

Kapura told them that water could be found at a distance of thirty miles in front and ten miles in the rear. So the Turks hurried backwards.

Singhs changed the Mughal forces, but when the enemy entered into the dense forest, Singhs returned back towards the Dhaab. It was a great victory of the Singhs of Majha.

Then the Guru came down and visited the scene of the battle. He found that the Singhs had defeated the Mughal Army and were returning back. A large number of Mughal soldiers were lying dead there.

Then He searched the martyred Singhs and then lifting the head of each martyr into his lap and wiping his face, blessed him.

At one place He found Bhai Mahan Singh in a very critical condition.

When the Guru lifted his head and placed that into his lap, Bhai Mahan singh opened his eyes. Seeing the Guru he was filled with supreme joy.

The Guru highly praised him and blessing him said, 'Bow all of you are Muktas. You have been delivered from the round of birth and death forever.

Feeling relieved, Bhai Mahan Singh took a long breath and left this mortal world for ever. Those Singhs who had embraced the death bravely were forty in number.

Then the Guru found Mai Bhaago. She was seriously injured and was lying unconscious. The Guru threw some water on her face and her consciousness revived.

The Guru told her about the heroic martyrdom of Bhai Mahan singh. The Guru was very pleased to see the bravery of Mai Bhaago.

The Guru asked his companions to take her away from the battle field. Her wounds were treated and she became hale and hearty very soon. She took Amrit from the Guru and from Mai Bhaago, became Mai Bhaag Kaur.

She always dressed herself in male attire and remained and served the Guru to the end. She used to guard the Guru's bed along with ten Sikhs.

When the Guru took his celestial abode she went to Bidar and lived there to the end of her days.

The blade of her lancer still lies as decoration piece on the bed of the Guru and is called Durga, the goddess having eight arms.

Other Singhs including Bhai Baaj Singh and Bhai Ram joined the army of the Guru and proceeded with him towards Talwandi.

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