Sri Damdama Sahib

After passing through several villages the Guru reached Talwandi Sabo. There lived a disciple of the Guru named Bhai Dalla. He was a very prominent and a rich fellow. Many villages of that area were under his command.

When the Guru reached there, Bhai Dalla came with four hundred armed men to welcome him. He offered a full equipped horse of a good breed to Guru as a welcome gift.

After taking Amrit, Bhai Dalla became a saint soldier of the Guru. His name was changed to Bhai Dalla Singh.

At that place thousands of Sikhs were taking the holy Amrit daily. The grandeur of the Guru's Darbar was revived again.

The scholar and poets were also assembling around the Guru. Learned Sikhs were flocking round him in a large numbers.

In a few months Talwandi Sabo became the centre of learning. The Guru called it as Kanshi of Sikhs.

In that year the Guru celebrated the Hola Mohalla in same splendid manner as He used to arrange at Anandpur Sahib. There Mata Sundar, Mata Sahib Kaur and Bhai Mani Singh came from Delhi to join him.

The Guru renamed Talwandi Sabo as Damdama Sahib. There He dictated form his memory the whole of the Guru Granth Sahib and gave it a final form, which is considered to be the most authentic.

Bhai Mani Singh wrote the Granth in his own hand writing. The Guru reedited the Granth Sahib in order to add in it the holy hymns of Guru Tegh Bahadur at proper places.

After staying for about nine months at Damdama Sahib, the Guru decided to go towards South.

Though his disciples requested him to give up the idea of going towards South, but the Guru had to accomplish the task assigned to him by God.

Meanwhile Bhi Daya Singh and Bhai Dharm Singh returned and met the Guru. They informed the Guru of all they had saw and heard.

They also informed him about Aurangzeb's last request.

The Guru decided to accept the Aurangzeb's last wish and made up his mind to go to Ahmad Nagar but when He reached near Baghpur, He heard the news of the death of Aurangzeb. So He returned back to the North.

When Aurangzeb died, his younger son Mohammad Azim usurps the throne. His elder son Bahadur Shah, who was away in Afganistan rushed back to fight for his father's throne.

When the war of succession started Bahadur Shah sent Bhai Nand Lal to request the Guru to help him.

The Guru accepted his request and sent Bhai Dharam Singh along with a Jatha of his chosen saint soldiers. Bahadur Shah won the battle and he ascended the throne.

Then Bhadur Shah requested the Guru to meet him at Agra. The Guru accepted the invitation and met Bhadur Shah at Agra.

Bahadur Shah received the Guru with great honour and presented him a robe and a jeweled scarf worth rupees sixty thousand.

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