Abchal Nagar Hazoor Sahib

The Nawab of Sirhind was much perturbed when he came to know that a concord was going to be established between Emperor and the Guru.

The Emperor had shown an obvious inclination to help the Guru. Wazir Khan took it granted that his end was certain. He also knew the style of punishment, which he was going to be awarded.

So in order to save himself he devised a plan to end his fears and anxiety. He deputed Jamshed Khan and Gul Mohammad two young Pathans to murder the Guru.

Jamshed Khan first went to Delhi and met Mata Sundri. From her he got the whereabouts of the Guru had established a new city named as Abchal Nagar.

When they attended the Darbar of the Guru, they were astonished to see the splendid grandeur of the Darbar. They had not seen such splendour and magnificence at the Darbar of Kings.

They thought that it was not possible for them to kill him in the Darbar. So they planned to use some nefarious methods to achieve their target.

They showed themselves as the devotees of the Guru and made it a routine to attend the Darbar daily. They were studying the situation and the time that would suit for their deputed work.

Soon they became quite familiar with prominent Sikhs of the Guru.

The Guru generally used to take rest at noon.

One day when they came at noon they found that there were only few Sikhs attending the Guru.

Gul Mohammad stayed outside but Jamshed Khan without any hesitation entered the tent of the Guru. At that time the Guru was taking rest and a Sikh was attending.

Entering inside Jamshed Khan bowed before the couch of the Guru and sat there in obeisance. When the attendant went outside for some work, Jamshed Khan sprang up to his feet and stabbed the Guru.

Before the Guru could get up, the Pathan tried to attack again, but the valiant Guru over took him and severed his head from the body.

Gul Mohammad who was sitting outside, tried to escape but the Sikhs caught him and after asking about his mission killed him at the spot.

When they entered the tent they saw the wound of the Guru. They were struck with grief and anxiety. The Guru consoled them and told them that there was nothing to worry. Immediately the wound was washed and sewn.

When the Emperor came to know about this incident, he sent two English doctors, who sewed the wounds and applied proper medicine.

The Guru became hale and hearty very soon. As usual he began to attend the Darbar.

One day he asked Bhai Daya Singh to bring five coins and a coconut.

At that time musicians were singing the holy Hymns.

The Guru got up and leaving his throne went before the Granth Sahib. This Granth He had compiled at Damdama Sahib. He bowed before the Granth Sahib and placed five coins and a coconut in front of it. Then he got and addressing the congregation said,

The Will of God destined the formation of Khalsa.

This is the final order to all Sikhs to accept Granth Sahib as Guru.

Believe the Guru Granth as the visible body of a present Guru.

Whosoever yearns to see God shall find it in the Divine Word.

The Khalsa shall rule and there will be none to resist them.


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