Bhikan Shah

Bhikan Shah was a great Saint.He belonged to village Siana in Punjab. He was born in 1637.

Due to his sacred life, the people of the area loved and respected him and called him Peer.

Peer always advised his disciples saying, 'God is the only Supreme Being. He is inaccessible and limitless. He is beyond form, feature and color. All happens according to the wishes of God. He is the Lord of this world and the next world. All His doings are purest of the pure and nothing is without Him.'

One day when he was absorbed in his meditation, he saw a beam of light and image of a new born child. He at once realized and perceived that a great man had come to this world.

On seeing the Divine light, he bowed towards east instead of bowing towards west. His surprised disciples asked him the reason of his bowing towards east. He told them that a beloved God had been born at Patna. He also told that he had decided to have a glimpse of that Child.

On reaching Patna, Peer seeing the child and bowed to him in deep reverence and placed before him two earthen pots containing sweets.

One earthen pot was bought from a Hindu sweet maker while the other from a Muslim sweet maker.

To the amazement of all, the holy child placed his right hand on one pot and left hand on the other pot.

Then the child smiled and looked at the Peer.

At this Bhikhan Shah once again bowed and touched the feet of the child.

Peers' disciples as well as the members of the family asked him to explain the riddle of the earthen pots.

Peer said, 'I wanted to know whether this God in human form will favour the Hindus or Muslims. With this doubt in my mind I placed Hindus pot and Muslims pot before him. Now he has placed his both hands on these two pots. So he has answered my question that both Hindus and Muslims will be equally dear to him. This child will fight against tyranny, irrespective of caste or creed. So I advise my disciples and others to bow and touch the feet of the holy child.'

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