Pandit Shiv Chand

At that time a much respected Pandit Shiv Chand was living. He used to go to the river Ganga early in the morning and after taking bath, he worshipped the idols of the Thakur.

He had determined in his mind that he would see the Almighty. But his worship did not bear any fruit.

One day on the bank of the river when Pandit Shiv Chand was meditating on the idols of Thakur, the holy child Gobind Rai reached there. He saw that Pandit was engrossed in his worship.

The Child Guru very slowly and carefully reached near Pandit. He placed his mouth near Pandit's ears. And He cried loudly, 'Hello Pandit ji'.

Pandit was alarmed but when he saw the lovely and smiling face of the little Guru, he perceived that he had found the God in human form.

After that day, he became great admirer of the Guru. He threw away the idols of the Thakur. Whenever he remembered the child Guru, he would have a glimpse of the lovely child.

Pandit Shiv Chand daily visited the house of the Guru to pay homage to the Guru.

Other Brahmans were calling him a fool as he was bowing his head in front of a Child Guru.

But Pandit Shiv Chand did not listen to their uttering. He felt very happy in the company of the Child Guru.

The bank of the river where Guru used to go to see Pandit Shiv Chand is called Gobind Ghaat.

The Child Guru also used to swim in the water of the river. He was not afraid of the deep and fast running water.

Pandit Shiv Chand used to advise the child not to take risk of swimming in the deep water. But Child Guru did not care for that, instead He was asking Pandit Shiv Chand to accompany him, while taking bath.

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