Raja Fateh Chand

Raja Fateh Chand Maini was a rich landlord. He was an owner of the thousands acres land. But God had not gifted them with a child. Raja and Rani always prayed to God to bless them a son.

One day Raja Fateh Chand and his wife went to the river bank to meet Pandit Shiv Chand. They asked him to pray for them to the God, so He might bless them with a son.

But Shiv Chand said, 'I have seen the god in a Child. He is himself God in human form. He possesses all spiritual and worldly powers. Who meditates on him, He fulfils his desires.'

Then Fateh Chand said, 'How can we meditate on child God, when we have not seen him.'

Pandit Shiv Chand said, 'I will help you to have a glimpse of the child Guru.'

One day Raja Fateh Chand and his wife had a glimpse of the Child Guru and from that day they started meditating on the Child Guru.

One day the Child Guru went to the house of Raja Fateh Chand along with his friends.

At that time Raja Fateh Chand and his wife were sitting in meditation. Suddenly the Child Guru caught Raja's wife with his little hands and sitting in her lap said, 'Mother I have come.'

One opening her eyes, she saw the lovely face of the Guru and was overwhelmed with joy.

Then the Child Guru said, 'Mother, we are very hungry, give us give us grams and Purees, which you have cooked.'

Then Rani at once brought Purees and Grams and handed it to the Child Guru.

The Guru took the basket in his hands and distributed these to his friends and also took one Puree and some Grams himself.

From that day the Raja and Rani became devotees of the Child Guru.

The Guru and his friends were visiting their house daily. They would play in the garden and helped the gardener in planting the flowers and fruit trees.

Raja Fateh Chand and his wife's desire for a son were fulfilled.

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