Departure from Patna

When Guru Tegh Bahadur sent a message to his family at Patna from Anandpur Sahib that all his family members should shift to Anandpur Sahib, all the people of Patna were crestfallen and sorrowful.

The friends of Child Guru, who used to play with him and were enjoying grams and purees with him, were finding themselves leaderless.

The child Guru consoled them and said, 'Whenever you will play remembering me, I shall be with you.'

Raja Fateh Chand and his wife held the Child Guru in their arms and kissed him again and again. They considered him as their own child and they cried like the parents.

For them separation from the Child Guru was unbearable. Child guru consoled them also and presented a sword and his dress to them and said, 'Whenever you remember me, look at these. Serve my friends with grams and Purees as you would have served me.'

The Guru advised Pandit Shiv Chand and said, 'Every morning you will see me in yours prayers. You have attained the goal of life.'

Jagta Seth had made arrangements for the departure. He had prepared a palanquin for the Child Guru and litters were made for Mata Gujri and Mata Nanaki. Jagta Seth had also sent men to all those places where the carvan would stop at night.

At the time of departure Jagta Seth also made a supplication to the Child Guru.

The Guru said, 'Meditate on the Name of god. While reciting Gurbani you will find sitting me by your side.'

When the holy family left Patna, a large number of devotees also accompanied them.

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