Handi Sahib

First stoppage was at Danapur. A large number of devotees of Patna had accompanied them to this place. They continued singing holy hymns all the way.

There lived a very old lady Jasni Mai.

When Guru Tegh Bahadur visited this place the old lady cooked rice and lentils in an earthen pot (Haandi) and with great love offered the food to the Guru.

When the old lady came to know that holy family of Guru Tegh Bahadur had reached Danapur, she came to pay homage to the holy family and to have a glimpse of Child Guru.

Jagta Seth had made suitable arrangements for the stay of the holy family and devotees. He had also ordered to his servant to prepare the meals for them.

But the old lady said, 'I have cooked rice and pulse in same earthen pot (Haandi) for the Child Guru also. For the holy family and devotees I have baked loaves and cooked pulses. So all of you are my guests.'

The Child Guru and rest of family accepted her invitation. Child Guru was served with rice and pulse cooked in the earthen pot and rest of the devotees took the Langar.

Jasni Mai requested him to always be there.

Then Child Guru said, 'So long khichdi would be cooked in that Haandi and would be served to Sangat, you would feel my presence here.'

The old followed the Guru's words and converted her house to a Dharamshala. She kept cooking the khichdi in that Handi and kept serving to Sangat. So this place is known as Haandi Sahib.

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