Early Life

(Guru) Har Rai was born on 30 January 1630 at Kiratpur. Baba Gurditta, the eldest son of Guru Hargobind ji was his father. Baba Gurditta had two sons and name of the elder son was Dhir Mal.

At the time of his birth, Guru Hargobind ji was at Amritsar. When he heard the news of the birth of his grandson, he was so pleased that he said, 'Customer of a great object has come.'

Guru Hargobind ji reached Kiratpur after a few days. On his way he distributed alms to the poor.

Reaching Kiratpur first He visited the room of the child. He was pleased to see the celestial face of the child. He took the child in his lap and blessed him with many boons.

He said, 'This child has come to make this world more pleasant. He will play a great role in uniting the people with the Name of God.'

Mother Raj Kaur was amused to hear such pleasant words of Guru Hargobind ji. Baba Gurditta was charmed to see the blissful face of the child.

Due to the attraction of the child, Guru Hargobind ji stayed at Kiratpur for two months. The devotees were coming from far and wide to congratulate the Guru. The holy assembly was held daily and free kitchen was at service of the devotees for twenty four hours.

Staying for two months at Kiratpur the Guru went to Daroli.

Baba Gurditta was taking every care for the nourishment of the child.

On one hand he was busy in the construction and beautification of Kiratpur, but on the other hand he was paying full attention for the development of the child.

When child Guru was four years then a dreadful incident happened.

At that time Guru Hargobind ji had shifted to Kiratpur and had made it his permanent abode. Then Baba Gurditta was advised to go to nearby villages to preach Sikhism. He also used to go to jungle to play the game of hunting.

One day when he went to jungle. A cow was killed by his friend. His friend mistook the cow as a deer and he fired at it.

The owner of the cow was a very poor man. When he saw the dead cow he began to weep loudly.

Baba Gurditta was a man of very affable nature. He did not bear the grief of that poor man.

By his divine power he revived the cow.

The owner of the cow and his friends were pleased to see this miracle of Baba Gurditta.

They told about this strange incident to Guru Hargobind ji also. What they had seen they narrated to the Guru with great pleasure.

But the Guru was not pleased to hear their story. He at once called for Baba Gurditta and said, 'What have you done? When you have become the partner of the God? The life and death are in the hands of God. By playing the miracle you have invited the Divine Wrath?'

Baba Gurditta had a great regard for the Guru. When he heard such words of the Guru, he became very sad. He went near the tomb of Baba Budhan Shah and breathed his last.

When the Guru heard about it he felt very sad. He prayed to God and asked his family to abide by the Will of God.

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