Invasion of Aurangzeb

Dara Shakoh had a great regard and love for Guru Har Rai. The Guru had saved his life by providing him the suitable medicine.

In the war of succession, Dara Shakoh was defeated by Aurangzeb and he fled towards Punjab.

He reached Kiratpur, but there he was informed that the Guru had gone to Goindwal. From Kiratpur, Dara shakoh reached Goindwal.

The Guru consoled and encouraged him. Dara Shakoh requested the Guru that he should stop the forces of Aurangzeb at the back of the river Beas so he might reach Lahore safe and sound.

The Guru ordered his soldiers to keep watch at the bank of the river for a day.

In this way the Guru helped Dara Shakoh.

King Aurangzeb was a very cruel man. Whoever helped Dara Shakoh, King Aurangzeb got him killed.

As the Guru had also helped Dara, so King Aurangzeb wanted to kill the Guru. So he sent his Generals thrice to annihilate Kiratpur.

Firstly he sent Zalam Khan with ten thousand armed forces to invade Kiratpur.

But while on his way he took the uncooked meat of an animal and died due to severe pain in his stomach.

King Aurangzeb again sent his other General Dhoode Khan of Kandhar to attack Kiratpur.

When he reached Kiratpur his one enemy killed him while he was asleep. When soldiers saw their commander dead, they returned back.

Third time King Aurangzeb entrusted this task to General Nahar Khan who was the ruler of Saharanpur. King Arurangzeb ordered him to annihilate Kiratpur completely and to arrest the Guru alive.

But when the army of Nahar Khan reached Yamuna Nagar, cholera spread in the army. The soldiers were dying like sheep and goats. Nahar Khan died with half of his army.

When remaining army came to know that it was all due to the curse of the Guru, they were so horrified that they ran away. After that no General dared to attack Kiratpur.

Thought the Guru was granted a boon that enemy would not be able do to any harm to him, still the Guru did not want to see the cruel Aurangzeb.

Guru Har Rai was a light of Guru Nanak, so he was not afraid of army power but saints never like to meet such cruel persons who had killed his brothers and relatives to become the King. He was not a pious man, but he was killing pious men to bring them into the fold of Islam. It was his profession to kill the saints and mystics.

Guru Har Rai was also summoned to attend the Darbar of Aurangzeb. But He sent his son Ram Rai.

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