The Last Journey

When Guru Har Rai perceived that the time of merger of his light with the Supreme Light, was near, he sent messages to his beloved Saakhis and Masands.

One day addressing the congregation and the Guru said, 'Guru is only a light not a body. As the clouds come and after showering rain disappear, similarly Gurus come and after cooling the hearts of the bewailing mankind and bringing the morally degenerated people to the right path, disappear.

Now the time of abandoning this world has come near. The light of Guru will now pass into the body of Harkrishan.

He will be now your spiritual master. He will be your guide in both worlds. Who serves him with devoition will get fulfilled all his desires. Don't consider him a child. He is now Guru. He will now show you the Divine path.'

The Guru Har Rai got up from his seat and guiding Sri Harkrishan asked him to sit on his throne.

Then he placed a coconut and five coins before Guru Harkrishan and bowed before him. Then He circumambulated Guru Harkrishan three times.

Then Baba Gurditta the son of Baba Bhana offered him a sword and then aiggrette on his turban. He also applied Tilak on his forehead.

After that Baba Gurditta bowed before him.

The devotees, who were sitting there with great respect came and bowed before Guru Harkrishan, turn by turn.

When the Sikhs heard the news that Guru Harkrishan had become the new Guru, they flocked to Kiratpur to pay homage to the new Guru.

Next day Guru Har Rai breathed his last. He was cremated at Patal Puri.

On the fourth day Guru's relatives and devotees went to pick up the burnt bones of the Guru.

But they found the ash without bones. They were amazed to see it. The Guru had already told them that a Guru is not an embodiment but a light.

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