Guru Hargobind was always keeping (Guru) Har Rai with him. Wherever He went, He took (Guru) Har Rai with him.

When the Guru found that Dhir Mal was a very cunning and clever fellow and he is not a suitable candidate for Guruship. He made up his mind to bestow Guruship on Guru Har Rai.

When He perceived that time of his soul's merger with the Almighty was near, the Guru Hargobind sent messages to the Sikhs and Masands to reach Kiratpur.

When the Sikhs received the message they thronged towards Kiratpur.

Then a congregation was arranged and Guru Hargobind addressing the congregation said, 'I have called for you to attend the ceremony of bestowing the Guruship on (Guru) Har Rai. I have decided to make him my heir. He is the most suitable candidate for this holy job.'

Then the Guru Hargobind called for (Guru) Har Rai and asked him to sit on his throne.

The devotees saw the face of the Guru Har Rai with great cuiriosity. They were amazed to see celestial face of the (Guru) Har Rai.

Then Guru Hargobind placed five coins and a coconut in front of Guru Har Rai and bowed before him. After that grandson of Baba Budha, Baba Bhana offered him a sword and tied aigrette to his turban.

After applying a ‘Tilak' on his forehead, he bowed before him. Baba Suraj Mal, Baba Ani Rai and (Guru) Teg Bahadur bowed before him with great reverence.

After that all the devotees bowed, turn by turn.

After conferment of Guruship to Guru Har Rai, Guru Hargobind was spending most of his time in meditation.

One day he addressed the devotees and said, 'The time has come when my soul will merge with the great soul of Almighty. You must consider Guru Har Rai as my form. The Guru is not a body, but a light and that light had paased into the body of Guru Har Rai. He is now the true King who will enlighten you with his holy sermons. He is now your spiritual leader.'

Guru Hargobind passed away on thir March 1644. He was cremated at Pataalpuri.

When the Sikhs heard the death of Guru Hargobind, they rushed towards Kiratpur to pay homage to the new Guru.

The grandeur of the Darbar of Guru Har Rai was unique and distinctive.

When He was holding the Darbar, the drum beater used to beat the drum continuously.

The devotees were offering valuable gifts to the Guru. The Guru himself was presenting robe of honour to his devotees. The Sikhs of other countries were also presenting horses and weapons to the Guru.

Two thousand two hundred riders were always remaining with him.

The Guru earned such a reputation that even the Muslim holy men were also attending his Darbar.

They were feeling blessed to hear the sermons of the Guru.

The Guru advised his devotees to recite the Name of God and to lead a holy life.

He used to say, 'God is true and His worshippers are true, his name is true and those who meditate on it are also true. He who has realized the true God in his heart, he realizes that God is sole cause of all. He whom Lord blesses with his service, becomes known in all directions.'

If Guru Har Rai on one side was advising the people to meditate on the Name of God, on the other side he also opened a hospital to keep his Sikhs healthy and free from diseases. He was purifying both soul and body of his Sikhs. He appointed experienced physicians in his hospital.

According to the advice of the physician, he had kept all types of medicines available at the time. The treatment was given to all without any discrimination. He also got prepared rare medicines, which were not available in other areas.

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