Bhagat Bhagwan

Guru Har Rai appointed new Masands to accelerate the preaching of the Sikhism. In these new Masands the names of Bhagat Bhagwan and Bhai Pheru were very prominent.

Bhagat Bhagwan was an ascetic priest. He was owner of a big abbey, which had 360 branches. This abbey was at Budh Gaya.

Bhagwan whose first name was Bhagwn Gir once reached Kiratpur. He was very pleased to see Guru Har Rai.

When he started his journey from Gaya he thought that if the Guru was intuitive he should appear to him in the form of Chatturbhuj.

When he met the Guru and seeing him in the form of Chatturbhuj, he fell on the ground and became unconscious.

When he revived consciousness he found Guru in his real form.

He got up and befell on the feet of the Guru and said, 'My Lord! Do a favor to me and make me your Sikhs.'

The Guru said, 'Bhagat Bhagwan! For the purpose you have visited this place that has been fulfilled. Now if you want to take initiation then you should meet Baba Mehar Chand, the disciple of Baba Sri Chand.'

Bhagat Bhagwan obeyed the advice of the Guru and met Baba Meher Chand. He bowed before Baba Meher Chand and told him the whole story. He also told him that he had a great abbey and more than a thousand ascetics were his disciples.

Baba Meher Chand laughed on hearing the story of Bhagat Bhagwan. He said, 'Bhagat Bhagwan you have not left ego yet. You have been leading an ascetic party, but you are still entrapped in the mesh of avarice, ego and allurement. If you want to get rid of these wishes then you should go to Guru Har Rai, I have no treatment for your this decease. You should get the Name of God from the Guru.'

Bhagat Bhagwan reached Kiratpur to meet the Guru again. He wanted to become the true Sikh of the Guru.

Informing his disciples he said, 'Now I have decided to become the true Sikh of the Guru and I will put off the dress of an ascetic. They who want to baptize Sikhism should come with me and those who are not interest in it can go where ever they want.'

Then he met Guru Har Rai and befell on his feet. The Guru caught his hand and stood from his seat.

He embraced him with great love. He also bestowed on him the gift of the Name of God and baptized him a Sikh.

Bhagat Bhagwan perceived the true celestial bliss and ego, avarice and allurement vanished.

He became a devout Sikh and always served the Guru with great humility.

The Guru was very pleased to see his devotion.

One day the Guru said, 'Bhagat Bhagwan! We are very pleased at your service. We want to appoint you our preacher.'

Bhagat Bhagwan accepted the offer of the Guru. He went to his homeland and established 360 preaching centers in UP and Bihar. He made his headquarters at village Nanapur near Patna.

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